Lush Cupcake Review


Nothing can go wrong with such an amazing brand of organic skincare, cosmetics and hair range. Lush Cupcake is in a Chocolate Flavour and is delicious for the skin. Preventing breakout and reducing redness, the face mask is also very clarifying.

I’d recommend it for combination – oily skin only as the mask specifically deals with mildly problematic skin. Love love love the flavour and how it leaves my skin feeling.


  • Perfect for Oily/ Combination Skin
  • Smells Delicious
  • Organic
  • Clarifying


  • Not suitable for normal and dry skin

Available at all Lush Outlets for Dhs 60

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Heena Mak

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12 thoughts on “Lush Cupcake Review”

  1. This is the first and only fresh face mask that I have tried from Lush! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this face mask! I can’t actually say that it helped my acne – but it smelled amazing and I felt so ~fancy~ and indulgent slathering it on my face. Have you tried any other face masks from Lush?

    1. Hi, I love this one as well! No, I haven’t tried any other mask coz I usually make home made masks… If you have acne try a mask of organic honey with a table sp. of cinnamon… Keep it for 30 mins. Apply some steam and you will see a much cleared complexion.

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