Let’s talk Self Harm

In United States alone there are over 2 to 3 million self-injury cases according to www.teenhelp.com. What, why and how did things come to this? Why are so many youngsters becoming prone to self-destructive behaviour that they are failing to feel a sense of responsibility to their own bodies?

I’ve briefly touched my personal experience with a difficult past and resolving to cutting (a form of self harm) to deal with a troubling time. Which is why I’ve taken upon myself to learn and educate everyone who is going through a tough time to understand that the short-term relief is not worth the long term battles lost with oneself.

When I had to overcome this battle, I resolved to speaking with very close friends who understood where this came from and helped me see a way forward. I also got professional and spiritual help, since the latter is a very touchy subject in the region, I will stick to sharing the results of the first one in depth.

Firstly, surround yourself with loving family and friends and those who hurt you emotionally (and physically if the situation calls for), let them go. It will be one of the hardest battles to win over yourself, but once you let go, you will finally focus on the best parts of yourself. A lot of the times, surrounding oneself with disapproving people can cause low self-esteem issues and an undesirable complex. That feeling ‘it’s always me’ can take over you and make you forget all the things that have and are working for you.

As a plus size girl and blogger, I take it upon myself to plead women who are uncomfortable in their own skin and resolve to any kind of harm to their body (this by the way includes eating disorders) to look back on themselves and ask, why do I think I am not beautiful?

The answers lie within the movies we watch, the high lives we preach, the advertising that we see and the magazines we read.  Being a media graduate myself, I completely understand what is done in the industry to create a ‘need’ for products and services, thus, I want to make this claim, IT’S NOT REAL.

Real people are flawed, they have stories, they’ve experienced great losses and they have lived to overcome it all and reach the finish lines as shining heroes.

You are REAL and you are BEAUTIFUL.

Please feel free to contact me on heenamak@gmail.com if you would like to share a personal story. Always happy to hear and help.

If not me, you can always try this international self-harm hotline – www.samaritans.org

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Heena Mak

I believe in changing mindsets, changing the world, not with the power of a sword, but with the power of a word...

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