Where is my infinity?

Going through a #TFIOS hangover isn’t easy, scrapping for another ending, another moment and another reality is far too easy a wish made at the end of this movie, but then there is also scraping for another story altogether.

I’m drowning myself in its soundtrack and this particular song Not About Angels stands out the most to me. It evokes a kind of sadness that is incomparable and deep and extremely final.

Here’s what I think makes this story beautiful in literal sense. When I read the book, I balled like a baby, the story had meaning, it had moments, and it had strong characters and strong quotes to make the reader feel a personal loss at the end of it. And that’s what good books are all about, isn’t it? Making you feel what the central character is feeling – lost, hurt, cynical and most importantly, eternally loved.

Speaking of love, did anyone else notice the innocence of this couple? There weren’t any big gestures, pretentious dates and now or never situations, it almost made me wonder, as we grow up, do we lose the fundamentals of falling in love? We never needed more than love and affection from family to stay with them for so long, so why is it that when we grow up, life becomes materialistic, love is quantified with gifts, money and moments lived up instead of moments shared.

In fact, when I walked out of the movie my newly found and loved colleague/ friend asked me how do I feel? First instinct – “Jealous”. That was it really, I was jealous that these two had their eternity in a few days, a love that comes very rare, and a life lived in numbered days is better than a long one with no purpose at all.  At the same time, love like this demands to be celebrated, dead or alive. Alas, a story that puts companionship over sex, love before lust and life before death.

It’s a must read and a must watch, probably one of the closest book-struck movie I’ve ever watched.

A big thank you to Tanweer Vox Media for the invites.

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Heena Mak

I believe in changing mindsets, changing the world, not with the power of a sword, but with the power of a word...

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