Nars Giveaway – UAE Only

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So, I love Nars. Probably more than it is healthy to love an non-breathing non-living thing (Er, you know what I mean right?).

It is also fair to say you guys love Nars as much too! Or else, why would the brand reach sensational following without its tangible availability in UAE? Anyways, to celebrate Nars coming to UAE again, I’ve brought you the ultimate giveaway! The NARS NARSCISST  PALETTE!


To win, all you have to do is

1. Like my Facebook page, Follow me on my blog, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. I’ll list the links below. Invite friends to do the same and your names will be put in a random draw. If you guys do not have a Twitter or Pinterest just write in the comments below. It will still be considered as an entry.

2. I will be picking one winner on July 30, 2014 so all of you have enough time to share and increase your possibilities of winning.

Thank you for your support! Can’t wait to see one of you guys win!

Don’t forget to watch out for my brand focus blog post on the hits and wins from their line, coming very soon!


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Heena Mak

I believe in changing mindsets, changing the world, not with the power of a sword, but with the power of a word...

23 thoughts on “Nars Giveaway – UAE Only”

  1. Wow! Love Nars!!!
    Twitter – @1SarahK
    Instagram – @2SarahK

    Not on fb and pinterest. Will definitely share with friends! 🙂
    Fingers Crossed!

  2. A very good morning…Done all mentioned steps…
    Facebook Maria khazanchi
    Twitter @mariakhz
    Instagram Maria52khazanchi…
    In love with this awesome giveaway..!!!wish to shine with Ample Arabia /Nars ❤

  3. This is awesome! Following you everywhere. I love Nars! I have waited for it to launch in UAE for wayyy too long! I have one blush ‘Crazed’ by Nars & I absolutely love it. 😀

    Twitter: @insiyaE
    FB: Insiya Husain
    Instagram: @insiyahe
    will be sharing it everywhere 🙂

  4. Following you everywhere. Will share too! Love nars! God knows how long I have waited for it to launch in Dubai! Finally I will get my hands on orgasm 😀

  5. What an amazing giveaway!
    Already a fan, shared on fb page several times but forgot to comment here.
    Twitter- @pinkasfourablog
    IG- @Icandyboo
    Facebook- Monica Ramesh Prii.

    Hope to be the lucky one to win this Narccisst giveaway!

    Monica xx

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