Brand focus – Nars Cosmetics (Plus a sneaky wish-list)

NARS and I go a really long way. I’ve had a love-affair with their gorgeous products for a long while now and couldn’t be happier that I wont be relying on British blogger swatches and reviews on the colors and products of this brand as it is finally coming to Dubai! In October that is, and in Sephora of course. So save up, every penny spent here will be worth it. In light of this beautiful launch, I’ve been testing out some new products from the brand (which were provided to the bloggers at the event).

Here are some of my new (and old) NARS faves:

Nars lipstick in Schiap: The beauty that is this pink. A proper cool tone, make your teeth look super white and your complexion brighter than ever kinda pink this is. Especially that I have a warm complexion I’ve recently discovered a safe way to venture into cool tones that are just right and not to ICY, if you know what I mean. Want to see it on me?

Here you go 😉


Nars blush in Orgasm: Explicit content aside, I love this blush! Nar’s Orgasm is your bog-standard (but better) flattering peach with tons of golden shimmer (fine, but very apparent). It’s the kind of formula that needs tons of layering and to be honest I prefer that. I’d rather have control on how much blush I’m wearing than be clown faced in one swipe. And because the pigment gets deeper upon layering this will work for medium to darker complexions. See it on me


Nars Satin Lip Pencil in Yu and Lipgloss in Priscilla – I believe these are part of the summer 2014 collection and my God are they stunning. These are slightly different then Nars Schiap, less cool and more hot pink. Layering these two makes for an unforgettable pout. I haven’t done an Instagram with this on, but watch out for a tutorial that should feature this lip and a dark smoky eye with the next product.


Nars Eye Paint in Baalbek: When Urban Decay came out with glints of red shimmer in black for their Naked 3 palette, I was blown away. Except, Nars had to bring out Baalbek with gold glitter in black gel that provides a wet, duo-toned effect. ABSOLUTE LOVE! This stuff is pretty intense and if you are feeling a bit adventures, you can create a cat eye flick with this eye paint. Such a festive look, I tell you.


Nars eyeshadow duo in Kauai: I used to think I would never wear just two shades on my eye and complete a look. I love the blended socket, bronzy layers and multiple shades to get things looking even and natural. But who cares for natural when you have a bright purple and super glossy silver to get you through summer? The pigmentation of Nars shadows is not disappointing, and it helps that the purple brings out my brown eyes. People watch out for more tutorials.


Nars Illuminator in Hot Sand: Till a year back my face was shiny all over and never did I wanted an illuminator near my face. This year, things have changed, where there should be drought there is rain and vice versa. Ipso-facto, I needed an illuminator around my cheeks that didn’t look cray-cray. This was my product. You can refer to my first image to see me have it on.


Last but not the least, I’ve Instagrammed and tweeted my love for the Narscisst palette for a while now. So instead of telling you how awesome it is, I’m giving one of you guys to participate in my Nars giveaway, right here.

Leaving you with my wishlist of stuff you get from Nars. Come to mama, please…


  • Nars Laguna Bronzer
  • Nars Lipgloss in Turkish Deligh
  • Nars Matte Multiple Sticks in Coppadoce


– Self-proclaimed addict of all the fine(r) things in life.






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