Eideal TwinFusion Review

Ohh, My first hair post. I’ve been waiting on this one forever. My hair is something I call – un-tameable. Curls, waves, pin-straight, no texture lasts on them – EVER. Combined with Dubai heat, don’t even…

So anyways, when I was sent the Eideal TwinFusion, I was super excited knowing it would be the answer to all my hair styling concerns and it was.


Now, I love the tool for many reasons –

  1. It doesn’t leave my hair feeling dry. This can be attributed to the Diamond plates the tool boasts of, but I love not feeling I just fried of my hair every time I use a straightener, which is everyday on my bangs.
  2. The functions are ranging from Straight to Curly. TBH, I have never tried the curly plate as it is not my cup of tea anyways. Curls are way too high-maintenance.  The point I’m trying to make, if you can wrap around your head to curling your hair with a Straightener, this one is multipurpose.
  3. The style lasts around a good amount of time if you decide to stay home-bound. Because let’s be honest no tool can help the heat NOT taking a toll on hair here. Trust me, I’ve tried. However, when I’ve had a stay in
  4. weekend with family and friends when I styled my hair using this. It looked great even after a day or two. When you straighten it, it lasts say up-to 24 hours. But that could be just me as my hair can get very kink-y.


  1. It is on the pricey side for one. But if you’re in it to invest a product that will endure the test of time, check this out https://eidealonline.com/
  2. It is heavy-duty a.k.a your arms need resting after using it for a while.

Tips & Tricks

  • Use this on your dressing table as I mentioned before. It is a heavy duty product and your arms will need the rest. Also, it is way to chic to be lying around in your closet!
  • When creating beachy waves – I curl first using these steps ‘curling your hair with a Straightener‘ tutorial, but to add texture and dimension go back to the straightener on the ends and some random pieces. That is what makes the look according to me.  If you have wavy hair (like me) sometimes I only do the last bit – it is quick, easy and looks effortless.
  • The heat settings go up-to 250 degrees. I stick to 200 for daily styling and special occasions. If you have highly crazy hair – perhaps take it up a notch.

Hope you all liked my first hair review. Let me know if you would like a detailed tutorial on any of these looks!

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