Eatalian paradise

For any foodie, texture is the key. And that is where Eataly is on point. From all the made-up Italian food thrown our way (Which I love and enjoy from time to time), this one brings back an essential principle of this cuisine i.e. an ode to fresh produce cooked with key flavors un-crowded by anything extraterrestrial. I love the flair of the menu, the simplicity in presentation and most importantly the simplistic ambience.

I got to begin with the fact that my experience at Eataly was well awaited that day. So when my friend Lev and I got there we were hungry, really hungry. Greeted with some a hefty Iftar crowd and a pleasant staff, we ordered. There were a few bumps on the road with the staff but they came through very well and that was quite lovely.

And here’s what we ordered:
– Mozarella In Carrozza
– Burrato E Rucola
– Margerita
– Branzino Al Forno
– Nutella Crepes

DSCF6811 DSCF6805 DSCF6802 DSCF6801 DSCF6800DSCF6796 DSCF6794 DSCF6793 DSCF6791

You might think that this is less but try and finish that pizza. Really, I dare you!

I absolutely loved each and every dish. Mozarella In Carrozza was a treat, the cheese was absolute melt in your mouth with the spot on stringy-ness served with ‘Antonella’ (Tomato Garlic Sauce), that I wasn’t personally a fan of because I guess I was too mesmerized by the cheese to not let any bold flavor interrupt the decadence.

Burrata E Rucola was the complete opposite – fresh and light and oh so good. The cheese again, was too good to be true. I loved how minimal this was and complimented the ambience so well.

Now for my second last fave – Margerita pizza, that can be only defined in one word – WOW! The pizza sauce itself was so crisp, topped with fresh mozzarella; this was perfection. I almost felt like I was sitting outside Italian countryside and enjoying the best pizza experiences in the world.

I must also add, Branzino Al Forno – which is essentially Sea bass served with Cherry Tomatoes, Taggiasca Black Olives, Capers with Roasted Potatoes had an amazing balance of flavors. The combination was classic that paired so well with the mild sea bass, but got to give points for adding the flair and cooking to perfection.

Lastly, for my favorite part- Nutella Bar! Yes, all you Nutella fanatics have another way to feed off your obsession, quite literally (It will be worth it, I promise). As my partner in crime pointed out that he “hadn’t had a crepe this good since his Amsterdam days”, I got to say, things are looking pretty good. And if you do pass by and perhaps find me eating crepes and sipping Italian coffee all by myself, do say ‘Hi’. I’m only saying, because it could easily happen.


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