Festive Series: Taylor Swift Blankspace Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Hi Everyone!

Yes, I’ve been gone a while on my blog for which you have my sincerest apologies. Inspiration has been hard to find and life’s been stuck in a very unhealthy work rut. But this week, inspiration hit me with the new Taylor Swift video for ‘Blankspace’ which in my opinion, is a tad bit over the top and somewhat genius! Her look is classic and so so perfect for the coming month of parties, so let’s begin, shall we?

Last week Clarins ME sent me their products to try from the new ‘Ladylike’ collection which is heavily used in this tutorial as I put them into test, so hold up for mini tutorials along the way. The products are in the image below and here are the steps:


1. I started by priming my face with a moisturiser and then using a beauty blender to buff in Clarins Extra Comfort Foundation. This is not from the Ladylike collection, however, I’ve been using this from the last 3 months and it’s perfect to perk up dull, dry skin, doesn’t stick to any dry patches and is quite long-lasting. Basically, a good all-rounder (who doesn’t love those?).

2. I buffed in Clarins Instant Light Eye Perfecting Base (Think Bobbi Brown corrector, but creamier). It’s a salmon-y shade to say bye to dem under eyes. Post which, I dabbed a touch of Nars Creamy Concealer in Vanilla as a brightner under my eye and on the top of my cheeks. Taylor’s skin is well lifted without the shimmer and this technique is quite helpful in attaining a natural glow.

3. The last step to the skin is adding a touch of bronzer of your choice that has a touch of orange tone to it. I used my Stilla Bronzer in shade 4. Apply this under the cheekbones and blend upwards. As a extra step, use a massive fluffy brush and blend the skin together, as we want seamless coverage and contour. (If you get oily, do powder, I skipped the step thanks to my dry and dehydrated skin these days)

Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 15.00.55

Now to the eyes…

1. It’s tough replicating a look that isn’t too clear in the video itself, however, I went with my interpretation of Taylor’s usual eyes with a spot on liner. If you have trouble with eyeliner, I suggest you use the tape-trick. If you’re a pro, this should be an easy-peezy look. I’ve primed my eyes with the Clarins Ombre Matte Eyeshadows in nude beige. Side note on this eye-shadow and this colour particularly, it’s fairly long-lasting, looks great when you have medium skin tone and try to find a base for discoloured eye a.k.a me. Then I went straight for the liner.

2. Using the benefit They’re Real eye-liner I drew my wing. Once the top liner was sorted, I used that as a guideline to bring the eye-liner just close to my waterline about 3/4 a way. Blend away, as in the picture.

3. Using the Clarins Ombre Matte Eyeshadow in Sparkle Grey, I just created some crease definition blending outwards towards my flick. This creates a more elongated, slinky eye effect that I LOVE.

4. Lastly, apply mascara of your choice and add thickening lashes. Taylor’s lashes are more voluminous than lengthy. I’ve used the Kiss lashes in KPL 03 Natural. These lashes were surprisingly easy to wear and the glue that came with them also worked very well. Eyes = Done

The lips were my favourite part…

1. I went straight for the bullet for this look. I do have fairly thick lips and with a liner they do look quite cray-cray. The shade is called red fuschia, a true red with slight blue undertones. This shade is so so Taylor and I love how moisturising the formula is as well and lasts on the lips a good 5-6 hours with no touch ups.  Ooh, a gorgeous photography tip I have for the perfect pout is dabbing a champagne shade in the centre of your lip. I’ve done that here and it really catches the light and gives a 3D pout.


I hope y’all liked this tutorial and do watch out for more festive look series.

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