BLOGMAS 1 – Woah, Nelly, what a scent!


I’ve recently fallen in love; with a perfume, it’s quite exclusive and we’re having a great time together, smelling rather fabulous. So in my first installment of BLOGMAS, I would like for you to be introduced to Diptyque La Collection 34, which I have reviewed in-depth during their launch in Dubai, but here I am, whiffing down memory lane, all over again. Do you see what I did there?

When I first experienced this collection, it was far too robust for me, heavenly nonetheless. When winter hit, I started craving a touch of depth in my fresh scents and so I hit the Diptyque store this weekend. If like me you find an investment in Diptyque fragrances a rather pocket-breaking experience, here’s my suggestion, buy their solid perfumes, which is exactly what I did and it really helps me figure out if the full size is worth it. The original La Collection St. Germain solid perfume is a complicated scent, it has to be since it encapsulates the scent of the very first store and by what the Diptyque sales woman told me, there are over 1000 ingredients in it. So complicated.


The notes start off with leafy scents, almost remedial (In a very attractive way, I promise) and then comes the spice with a hit of floral touches of Geranium and Tuberoses. Love Geranium, btw. Last but not the least, there’s a back note of citrus, quite distinctly oranges and it makes it such a deadly combination. If you’ve watched old Hollywood movies, the ones with femme fatales, I’d imagine them wear it because I certainly feel like a classy baddass in this scent.

However, I’m not so basic, so in an experiment to stand out and find my signature Diptyque fragrance, I paired it with one of my all-time fave – Geranium Odorata and the combination is good, soo gooood. It just elevates the St. Germain scent, particularly the floral notes and becomes this whiff of spice and flowers that is so pleasing to the senses. Ahh, you have to try it.

If you want your home to smell as divine and fabulous as yourself, do give the La Redouté home scent a whiff. It truly smells like Christmas is coming!

In the comments below, let me know your favorite recommendations for Xmassy scents!

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