BLOGMAS 5: It’s about being comfortable in your own skin

When the festive season arrives, I’m unusually excited but truth be told, I dread all the dressing up and the feeling ‘not good enough’ especially during fancier gatherings. I don’t know about you, but the pressure is so on in the month of December. So today I don’t want to give you fancy tips and tricks on beauty, makeup, etc, I want to give a few tips to make you see the best in yourself especially when you’re feeling smothered by all this pressure of looking and feeling perfect. 

Stay Comfy: In years of trying to wear dresses and being okay with my (really) chunky arms and thighs, I’ve made some very uncomfortable wardrobe choices which makes me feel so conscious in a party/ gathering. I’d reckon, wear something that makes you feel comfortable and kick-ass. I usually go for a V-neck jumper (preferably with a thinner fabric and denim jeggings with a pair of booties. And even if I don’t feel like the most beautiful lady in the room, I know that I’m looking the best I can. P.S. I can gobble up an entire leg of chicken in the comfort of my ‘Christmas’ pants.

Play up your strengths: I’ve known women much thinner then me, who look flawless to me yet they look at this blog and say I know what you feel about your body. I’ve felt the same way since I was 14. And I’m always shocked that these issues persist in every size & shape. So if all of us are conscious, remember that they’re judging themselves first and foremost and probably don’t care much about how you look. So wear what brings out your favourite features in yourself and forget what the rules say. Because, you’re only competing against yourself and since you have chosen to not care about others opinions, you win.

STOP comparing: As I say this to you, I’m saying it to myself as well. I’ve recently had some seriously bad body days, that has made me realise It’s important to surround yourself with positive people and positive media. We spend so much of our time on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and comparing our lives to our favourite influencers is such an easy task. But, back off, surround yourself with influencers that probably come from a similar background as yourself, who talk about real issues and humanely make mistakes and then you’ll realise you have more in common with the person behind the camera. I follow TessHoliday & Weesha’s World on Instagram and it really makes my day to see these two stay absolutely themselves and bravely wear whatever the f*** they want.

Pamper Yourself: A tired mind is probably the reason people like ‘Scrooge’ still exist. So stop ‘Bah,Humbug(ing)’ and treat yourself to a spa day, a facial or a shopping spree. See the joy in yourself first and then you’ll find it in the world.

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Heena Mak

I believe in changing mindsets, changing the world, not with the power of a sword, but with the power of a word...

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