BLOGMAS 9: Party Season Hair Makeover

If you’ve read my blog, you must have noticed that I’ve barely done any posts on ‘hair’ here. Why? Because, I do not consider myself an expert in this topic, but something has changed this month and after much digging around (by that I mean watch tons of YouTube videos), I’ve found favourites that I’m keeping with me for a lifetime (No, seriously!).

The thing with my hair is, it’s difficult to style. My naturally wavy texture doesn’t always compromise and I end up looking more ‘untidy’ than ‘bed-head’ (think Monica from F.R.I.E.N.D.S on her Barbados getaway). Want to find out how I’ve finally managed to tame this situation? Well then, read on… 

Step 1: New hue: I’ve had premature greys for the past10 years and colouring my hair is more a necessity than an outlet for change. This time round, I took the plunge into permanent colour with the Palette Deluxe Intense OIL-Color in the shade 3-65 or Chocolate Brown. And I’m LOVING the shade, you can see how it looks in evening light and daylight below. The hue has adapted itself to my natural warm tones and has came out slightly darker than expected. However, it has covered the greys and is lasting very well on me so far. Follow the instructions to the T and you are in good hands. P.S. I wish they made separates of the conditioner that comes along with this.

I must add, I was expecting some damage to my hair and waiting to go back into rescue mode with extra Biotin supplements and bi-weekly conditioning. But, I visited Sachajuan in Harvey Nichols to do an in-depth hair analysis two days after colouring my hair and found that there was no damage on my strands *SHOCK HORROR*. Bottomline, this line is highly recommended.

Palette Intense Oil Color in In-Door Evening Light
Palette Intense Oil Color in In-Door Evening Light
Palette Intense Oil-Color in Daylight
Palette Intense Oil-Color in Daylight

Step 2: Deep-Condition Weekly: When it comes to conditioner I’ve relied on a special recipe for 3 years now and guess what? The ingredients reside in your pantry! All you need is equal parts of honey and yoghurt, mix and apply on ends of your hair leaving it to soak up for 30-40 minutes. Wash hair with lukewarm water, shampoo, don’t condition again. It leaves behind nourished hair as honey is a humectant and restores moisture back in your hair, while the yoghurt cools your scalp and helps emulsify the honey, so it’s easier for you to rinse it out.

Step 3: Don’t be afraid of styling: As a beauty junkie I’ve known for years that hot-tools cause damage. Since I’ve been trying for a new look, I wanted to take a step towards occasional styling and yes, it feels great! As long as you buy good tools and protect your hair with a good conditioner and heat protectant, this should not affect your strands as much. Read my full review of Eideal’s TwinFusion here that I’m still using (and loving) for defined waves.


Step 4: Find the perfect finish: I am a volume junkie especially with short hair like mine. After hearing my favourite YouTubers/Bloggers raving about this product, I finally dug my pockets deep and bought it. If you’re as much of a beauty fanatic as me, you’ve guessed it right, it’s the Oribe Dry Texturising Spray that actually arrived in Dubai a month ago and is available only at Harvey Nichols in MOE. Two things you need to know about this is A. It is expensive (AED 195 for a hair product *gasp*!) B. it works! Anyways, I’ve loved it as my finishing touch and does add an extra oomph to your natural texture (even the days you don’t choose to style it). Beware as it can make your hair slightly crispy so use sparingly.

Here’s wishing you a Happy Hair day!

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