BLOGMAS 11: Best of JO MALONE edit

When the trees are lit and baubles hanging, there is one thing that I need the most – A gorgeous scent to bring me in the festive spirit! No one does it like Jo Malone in that department and I’m in love with their newest offering. So let’s get talking.


Wood Sage & Sea Salt: Their latest addition is this fresh scent that can’t be put into words but I’m gonna try anyways. The notes are composed of ambrette seed, sea salt and sage, along with red algae and grapefruit. The scent is fresh but it epitomises the ‘sea’ aspect smelling like a marine daydream. I first sniffed it at the store and walked away to shop for 3 hours, I couldn’t resist for long and came back to the Jo Malone store as my last stop to take this home. It’s a crisp, clean scent with a touch of sophistication and I’m obsessed with it, for evenings and special days I pair this with Jo Malone Black Cedarwood & Juniper.

Which brings me to the next stop…

Black Cedarwood & Juniper: Sexy, androgynous and unique, I’ve been in love with this deep ‘appropriate for fall’ scent for almost a year now. My full review on this one is here.


Wild Bluebell: I have a low tolerance for strong scents and when it comes to my daily routine, I need something simple and truth be told a little ‘flirty’. This one ticks all the boxes. It’s floral, it’s clean and it’s feminine. The notes consist of Bluebell (duh!), a touch of spicy coves, lily of the valley, jasmine, rose hip, white amber and musk. All sound as if this scent will have a strong spice hit, wrong. It smells like the transition into fall, slightly fresh, slightly complicated and a lot floral.


Peony & Blush Suede: I’ve sort off had a love-hate relationship with this one. It’s not one that I reach for every day. But, it is a fragrance that layers very well with a softer perfume or a richer one because this itself lies somwhere in between with regards to the scent concentration. The notes to me feel odd including red apple, peony, jasmine, carnation rose and suede, but they work. This fragrance lies is an elevated version of wild bluebell with a touch more strength. It pair beautifully with Black Cedarwood & Juniper bringing out its spicy touches and softening it around the edges with the peony.

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