BLOGMAS 12: That ‘Christmas’ blush

When it comes to doing makeup for Christmas day or a Christmas party, most of us play up our eyes or fall prey to that deadly bold lip. But even the ultimate superhero needs its side-kick for full impact, wouldn’t you agree? So here it goes, this is my edit to match your blush to a smoky eye, a bold lip or radiant skin.


The Smoky Eye Accomplice: It took me a while to get on this bandwagon and when I finally did, It was magical. Benefit’s Rockateur Blush is absolutely gorgeous. If you see there’s a theme going on here – dusty roses and I love variations of these hues for winter specifically. This one pairs beautifully with a dark smoky eye and stays sophisticatedly understated. It also has finely milled shimmer that adds a glow without being overwhelming. Absolutely LOVE it.

The Bold Lip Bff: The Nars Almeria blush is a stunner. It is richly pigmented and blends beautifully. When I’m doing a bold lip, I pair it with a demi-matte base finish, simple sparkly eye (sans eyeliner) and heaps of mascara. That leaves a blank canvas and I love adding a rich rustic plum to my cheeks to balance out the colour. This has rich red-dy undertones that pair well with any red, however, a word of caution, go easy on the application, it can be easily overdone.

The Partner in Radiance: If you don’t like faffing around with too much makeup and are a hard-core minimalist, get your hands on the Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for Lips & Cheeks in Rose. This is like the lighter, cream version of the Almeria blush and is super-duper blend-able without bothering your foundation. The key to working with this ultimate GLOW GIVER is to pair it with neutral eye-shadow, a simple flick and a luminous foundation. Wear it on your lip & cheeks and you shall not be disappointed. It is truly one of the few products that does what it says in the pot (quite literally!).

Go get ‘cheeky’ now!

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