BLOGMAS 13: Above with Friends

Tis’ the season of spending quality time with friends and family and in an attempt to find cozy spots with gorgeous scenery, I came across Above at The Sofitel in Downtown Dubai. Above is an experience to cherish, my friend and I were seriously impressed with the view and might I add, the drinks(wink). It was girls night out and I could not have picked a better spot. So here, let’s talk details… 

The Space: Above is spacious, with a centralised bar that has an azure touch, it is quite elongated and if you’re looking for a quick-spot post work for drinks, Above can offer that versatility. Because on the other end, there are large booths for big groups of friends to celebrate/hang out with. Then there are intimate seating arrangements that I preferred as it directly overlooked the Dubai skyline. Can’t argue, this is my favourite spot. The ambience is easy-going, smart-chic and great for dates (before 11 pm, because it does tend to get louder later).

Pic3pic5 pic6

The Food: Food is not Above’s forte. There are only quick bites and easy suppers are available here. So we ordered: Hummus, Fat Fried Potato, Cheese Sambosak and Tiramisu for dessert. You will not be disappointed with the quality of the food, but it’s not a special menu or anything out of the ordinary so like I said, save your taste buds for the cocktails! And leave these to be the appropriate accompaniments. P.S. We also ordered a Pizza which was off the menu and I must say it was delish. The staff was very cooperative and getting something off the menu was not a hassle at all and a very welcomed gesture.

Pic4The Drinks: Ahh, the good part. We tried the Star Martini as suggested by the bartended and it was absolutely delicious. Personally, I prefer my drinks vodka based and a tad bit sweet (nothing tangy with my alcohol, please). This one floats my boat, it is not too sweet and has a powerful punch of fruity flavours.  The next one was quite an experiment for me, I ordered an Old Fashioned *GASP*(Ladies, mixing whisky and vodka is not the wisest thing to do). Now, I’m not a whiskey girl, far from it actually, but something about this particular one made me fall head over heels for it. It has a bitter-sweet orange touch which is so festive and a preferred touch.



The View: Probably the second best part after the drinks is the breathtaking view of the Dubai Skyline, you are literally looking at Burj Khalifa while sipping your cocktail. Don’t believe me, see Above (Pun intended).

I’d rate Above 9/10 and be rest-assured that I’m going back there before Christmas! Hopefully, I’ll see one of you guys there 😀

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