BLOGMAS 14: The Kardashian ‘Inspired’ Tutorial

2014 was the year of Kardashians (and the Jenners). Me writing this is going to please a very dear friend of mine, so I’m going to go with it. It has been the year of contour, the year of bold brows, the year of bronze smoky eyes and the year of pouty 90’s lips. When you combine the best of all Kardashians and tone it down for a holiday dinner, this is what you get.

This look is so out of my comfort zone just because layering so makeup is never my thing and it does end up being a cake fest at first, but hang in there. Once the natural oils of your face blend with the products you look legit flawless. See for yourself.


The Face: Prep your skin with a heavy moisturiser. You want it to have the slightest oily residue as later on in the tutorial this will help combat the powder and layering that goes into the look. I am going to be using a beauty blender to do my base, feel free to use any sponge or a stippling brush for a light yet flawless finish. For foundation, I have used Guerlain’s Parure De Lumeire Foundation buffing it gently in two soft and light layers. This foundation is somewhere between matte and dewy and the finish is beautiful. After this, I have used my M.A.C. Prep & Prime in Radiant Rose and applied it under my eyes in a triangle, on the bridge of my nose, the centre of my forehead and also right below the hollow of my cheeks. Next, I placed the LE BLUSH CRÈME DE CHANEL Cream Blush (79 CHEEKY), a matte cream to powder contour shade in the hollow of my cheeks, the sides of my forehead, under my jawlines and on the sides of my nose. If you require a visual tutorial, just YouTube Wayne Goss and you will find the perfect tips and tricks.

This is where things get slightly cakey, blend your contour shade first and then from the clean side of the beauty blender, blend the lighter shade. To take this look to another level, set it with a translucent or a light powder (heavy application) for a couple of minutes. dust it off.

To finish off the contour, I went ahead and deepened it with my Marc Jacobs O!mega bronzer and added a blush from The Guerlain Petrouchka Palette (the dusty rose one). Voila, flawless base done!

Got Overly Dramatic Here! P.S. This never happens on camera!


The Eyes: For the eyes, start with any primer and then blend a matte taupe shade into the crease. Taking a mid-tone brown deepen the crease further. Now for the best part, The Guerlain Petrouchka Palette! It is a thing of beauty. The shades are buttery and blendable. I usually dislike face and cheek palettes because the quality is quite not the same, but, this one is the exception to my rule. Everything inside this palette is gorgeous! I’ve taken the warm brown shade (2nd from below) and applied it all over my lid (not up to the crease), now with the dark cool brown shade I defined my crease as well as the outer V of my eye. To bring more light to my eye, I took the gold shimmer and applied it on the centre of my eye lid as well as the inner corner. Add a black liner inside the waterline as well as the tight-line. This look will be beautiful with a cat eye, but I liked the minimal approach.

Using the warm brown shade, define the waterline and create a slight shadow. Add tons of mascara and lashes (something I really wanted to do, but my eyes are acting up with eye adhesive, sorry!). For the eyebrows, I’ve used a dark brown shade and filled them in strongly and using the benefit brow gel brushed them in to place.

This is it, eyes, done!


Lips: While my face was inspired by Kim and Kendall’s approach to makeup, my lips were all Kylie’s! Using the M.A.C Spice Liner, I defined my lips, going only slightly overboard. I finished off the lip with Tom Ford’s Casablanca Lipstick. It is a winning combo!

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