BLOGMAS 17: It’s a ‘cheeky’ winter

blog10I’m going to get real here. I love the cold, I love pretending I’m in London balling with snow while really I’m in Dubai and if I try to ball the sand here and throw it at someone, it would backfire, BIGTIME! Therefore, I resort to other ways of pretending I live in the North Pole, for example having those winter flushed cheeks. So here’s my secret, I’m letting you in. 

My love for Estee Lauder Cello Shots has escalated in 2014 and I couldn’t resist telling you about my winter glow any longer! Basically, this is a gel formula stain blush that leaves an intense but very real glow. It does not look like you are wearing a blush, it looks as if you are flushed from within and is so so so pretty!

I have the shade X Pose Rose which is a rosy pink and very complimentary to my skin tone. I bet it will be stunning for pale or deeper complexions. Since these stains, well stain a lot, be careful about the application. As soon as you apply it onto your cheeks, blend immediately. There’s no room for error (or waiting) here. Start small with a dot size amount and layer up to your preferred intensity. If you would like to see this in action: here you go!

Tell me: Have you ever tried the Pure Color Cello Shots?

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