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Blogmas 21: Smoky lashes

I’m a mascara (whore)der. See what I did there?


Anyways, since wearing false lashes is out of the question because of allergies, I stick to mascara and Castor oil to add some va va voom and it works well for me. And the MaxFactor Masterpiece Transform Mascara is a pleasant surprise. It has the tiniest, sleek wand that gets to the roots of lashes and gives them a lift (also great for bottom lashes). The formula is not too thick, and you do not have to wait around for the tube to dry for amazing results. I really prefer it to my previous drugstore faves including the Maybelline Falsies (gasp)!

The application is faf-free as well. Because the wand is so sleek and for a mascara nube like me, you won’t end up getting mascara on the top eye *Pinky swear*. This one is totally idiot proof and I’m a happy girl finding the next love of my life in the isles of drugstore.

Tell me: What are your favourite drugstore mascaras?

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