BLOGMAS 23: All I want for Christmas is THIS

When I found this package waiting for me after a LOOOOONNNGGG days work, it made my week. The Indulge Rose Organic Spa Collection by Neal’s Yard Remedies is a pamper must-have this season. This package consists of the Wild Rose Beauty Balm (The cult classic), Rose & Pomegranate Bath Oil, Rose Body Butter and a flannel. All of them deliver on the ultimate spa-like experience and give your skin that extra indulgence that it needs. Read on, I have more to say…

Wild Rose Beauty Balm: This one is an old fave and preceded any of it’s counterparts. However, there’s something about this one. The first time I tried it, I almost had an convulsion. Why? Because I was trying to use it as a cleansing balm. Which this is not, at least not primarily. The Wild Rose Beauty Balm is an all inclusive beauty product. It can be used as a second cleanse, definitely not for stubborn eye-makeup, followed by a flannel to finish off your cleansing routine. It cleans your pores and leaves a nourishing residue behind. And if you oily skin girls are feeling skeptic, then believe me, you need this moisture. My second favourite way of using this is as a moisturiser. As the texture literally melts in your palms, this can be an overnight masque or moisturiser. LOVE it as that. The third way to use is as an all-purpose beauty balm, including as a lip-butter, spot treatment, just any skin concern under the sun. With all this said, I have to say the scent is slightly overpowering. So mind you, use sparingly.

Rose Body Butter: This is SENSATIONAL. When you do make an investment for a pricy body product, you want it to over-deliver, right? The NYR Rose Body Butter does! It is absolutely nourishing for your body, but a slightly vain aspect of a body product is how it smells. This smells like fresh roses, with a slight touch of herbal scent. I don’t mind it in this one at all. In fact, the strong base note makes this cream last on your skin all day and not just in moisture, also in scent.

Rose & Pomegranate Bath Oil: This is my favourite scent from the range. Personally, the pomegranate is what elevates the scent from fresh, floral to sexy, sensual. I think my only issue was with no-bubbles. This bath oil is well an oil, thus you need a bubbly element to your bubble bath. I’d reckon to pair it with a straightforward scent like vanilla foam bath and you should be good! Again, the scents in these range do last on your skin for a long time. I, of course, topped this with my Rose Body Butter.

What products should I try from the NYR range? Let me know in the comments below!

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