Thoughts on Self-Harm Awareness Day


It’s that time of the year again… Where I talk about self-harm and pray that I can change the way people look at depression, anorexia, bulimia, bi-polar disorder, anything and everything that ‘normal’ people use to classify the rest of us. Today will be different, I won’t talk about my experience, my repulsion towards the ignorance of the whole situation or what I think we can do to change that, I’m just going to tell you a story and if you’re interest is peaked, read on.

I knew this girl; she was 13 and a little broken by being bullied by people she knew. It wasn’t as if she lacked ambition or a good heart, it was just that she was overweight and didn’t physically fit into sports and fitness. It wasn’t her forte and her ‘friends’ ensured she never forgot that.

What did she do? She assumed there was something wrong with her, that she wasn’t supposed to look like this or feel this way and started starving herself. For a month she starved and she starved and ran for hours to lose her flab and she did, she was successful. Everyone around her noticed that she had dropped 30 pounds in a month, because why wouldn’t they? But she knew this wasn’t working and that she had become unhappier than ever. So she relapsed and began eating again, until she was back where she started.

The cruel comments came back as soon as her fat did and this time her approach was different. Lack of sympathy from peers and lack of understanding from the ones who were close to her, she started cutting. She punished her body for craving food, she took pills to numb her mental pain and lived with the fact that she would never ‘fit in’. Meanwhile, her embarrassment ensured she never spoke about it with anyone.

The little girl had a destructive adolescence, she stayed ‘abnormal’, experiencing so much more than just bullies, she faced crisis; hell, she faced life and she hurt herself every night, sometimes with razors and sometimes with pills. Why? Because the world showed her that was the only way and that everything wrong about her came from her weight.

She grew out of it, took her 8 years, but she did. She surrounded herself with better people, she seeked professional help and she fought her own demons for years (and she still does). This is a singular case, many people aren’t lucky enough to find their way back and my question to you is: Who is to blame for their pain, their issues, their loses? Why are we sitting here and judging, while these people who are hurt are just fading away?

Tell me, do I appeal to your humanity now? Does it shock you to know that every mean comment, every insensitive gesture, could hurt someone so deep that they stop believing in themselves? Does it hurt to know that calling someone names and classifying them in labels could possibly affect their lives forever? Does it?

Take it from this fat-ass, average looking, geek’ you won’t ever necessary think that someone else’s cut is your problem. May be it’ll never cross your mind, but being empathetic never hurt anybody. And if you think you know someone who needs help, start with a “How are you?” a “How are you feeling?” “Let me be there for you”. Believe me, nothing conquers a lonely mind more than a love.

Now, I’m preaching again. Sorry, it’s hard not to try changing the world. They say the crazy ones who think they can, are the ones who do. Let’s hope there’s at least 1% reality in that.

If you’re struggling with anything that pains you, don’t hesitate to write me a personal e-mail. Always here to listen at

P.S. Self Harm Awareness Day is tomorrow if you’re wondering.

If you’re struggling with anything that pains you, don’t hesitate to write me a personal e-mail. Always here to listen at

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Heena Mak

I believe in changing mindsets, changing the world, not with the power of a sword, but with the power of a word...

One thought on “Thoughts on Self-Harm Awareness Day”

  1. It is surely an interesting read. As the resources to self-harm has increased resulting to more people resorting to such destruction patterns. More often now I see students doing it not just that they are bullied, or that they low body image but because of issues that happen in families. They have no support system and they do not tend to reach out for help. I wish that we have more closely nit families and much more stronger support system. The times have definitely changed.

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