Chanel is my one and only, let’s go with that. 

When I first got into beauty (at 16), I aspired to be able to afford Chanel one day and admire the history, the beauty and the nostalgia. It’s no doubt that every Chanel product I own is dear to my heart, but these are very very special. Following Coco Chanel’s story since I was 11, I love the fact that these lipsticks are named after near and dear ones who called her ‘coco’. The shades I purchased are Dimitri (Pinky Red) and Adrienne (Mauvy Nude), two ends of the same spectrum that have the most magical formulation.

Pigmentation wise, these are sheer (like most Chanel formulations), but they build up beautifully. The formula is deeply nourishing and does NOT dry the lips in any way and even fades beautifully. With that said, it is slightly difficult to bear that the darker colors cannot be built up to an opaque state. This ‘pinches’ me when I use the shade Dimitri, but Adrienne does its job, it is literally MY LIPS BUT BETTER shade that I needed all my life.


The texture of these lipsticks is unbelievable, it sits like lip-balm on the skin (the non glossy type), and stays that way for a while. There is no gloss, but like a perky finish that gives a dimensional lip instead of just laying flat matte.

I must add, if you’re a newbie and love an effortless bold lip, GO FOR THIS. Personally, after owning uncountable opaque reds, this sheer one is welcomed to my makeup stash. I cannot wait to buy more shades as the formula is my favourite so far and trumps my trusty M.A.C modesty any day.

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