TOM FORD Haul + Tutorial


So I turned 23 this month and buying Tom Ford makeup was a predictable coming-of-age moment (not). I must say I’m pretty impressed with the bits I picked up, irrespective of a high price point, with that said, can I call it an outrageous purchase? Probably yes. Do I regret it? Definitely NOT.

The first thing I picked up is the Nail Lacquer in the shade 03 Mink Brule, a dusky pinky nude with the smoothest application ever. It’s opaque, long-wearing (sans the top/base coat B.S.) and also a stunner. If you want that Parisian chic look, minus a french manicure, this is it! With that said, for anyone looking for a drugstore dupe, I got you, the Bourjois 1 Seconde Nail Enamel in Beige Distinction is the closest dupe and is definitely more justifiable. If you’re #feelingspendy, this is IT.

The second thing I picked up was the Tom Ford Lips & Boys collection Richard lippy! Now, this is the lipstick version of the nail lacquer, the pigmentation is opaque and the texture is creamy, all good things you hope for in TF makeup. It does have a slight sheen (As do other shades in the range) but, it’s so beautiful on the lip! I’m wearing it here!

I know how amazing my photography skills are. Amazing photo-bomb from my brother’s shirt.


Lastly, a heartbreakingly beautiful purchase: the Tom Ford Cognac Sable palette. Yes, yes, I caved! The pigmentation is sheeny and satiny in all the right places, all shades are beautifully rich and long-lasting, also versatile. I’m sure you’ve seen plenty tutorials using this palette to create an evening look (which I will do at some point), but I wanted to explore some understated looks and the one I created is super simple.

I’ve brushed the lightest shade all over the lid, with the reddy brown in the crease. This takes some crease-work as it’s shimmery, but you get there easily as the texture of these shadows is just DIVINE. I’ve added the chocolaty brown shade towards the edge of my mobile lid, very lightly indeed. Finally, I’ve taken the speckled deep gold shade on that tiny pointed brush that comes in the palette and created a subtle wing-eye. If you’d like to speed the process along, or make it easier, do wet the brush, I just wanted to keep things simple, so I created the line with the dry formulation. Add heaps of mascara on top and bottom lashes and VOILA!

Follow me on Instagram for more looks like that! Leave me other makeup looks you’d like me to create using this palette.

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