Bab Al Shams – A liberating getaway

There’s been a void in my heart, an ache to travel and escape, even if it means for a while. This weekend, I got a taste of a mini-staycation to give me a break from the city and a break from life, because sometimes you have to run away from yourself…

Clichéd much? Yes. I’ve been meaning to travel this year with no ambitions, no boundaries and no pre-conceptions. I’ve been self-restricted for most of my life, trying no adventures and staying in a cocoon of comfort and honestly. boredom. For a while now, I thought I was afraid of this, afraid of that, frankly, I was just afraid to find out who I could be when I set no expectations from myself. On a journey of self-appraisal and discovery, I’m making 2015 about my travel feats and this was just the second one!

Bab Al Shams was a luxurious getaway with loads of wine-ing and dining and no-regrets. A quick stay away from the city amidst green-scapes and sand mountains, it was just the ultimate summer treat. I went away with a couple of my friends and it was beautiful to just chill-out and live a night out on town.

I’d rather not go in details as a few drunken calls to my friends do speak for themselves (sorry, not sorry). It was refreshing to walk in a view, eat fancy and wake up-to a poolside life. Here’s to many more of them, till then enjoy the photo-diary. 

DSCF1011 DSCF1013 DSCF1014 DSCF1015 DSCF1016 DSCF1019 DSCF1020 DSCF1021 DSCF1025 DSCF1027 DSCF1053 DSCF1055 DSCF1057 DSCF1058 DSCF1060 DSCF1062 DSCF1064 DSCF1065 DSCF1066 DSCF1067 DSCF1074 DSCF1077 DSCF1080 DSCF1081 DSCF1087 DSCF1088 DSCF1090 DSCF1093 DSCF1095 DSCF1098 DSCF1099 DSCF1102 DSCF1103 DSCF1105 DSCF1107 DSCF1108 DSCF1109 DSCF1110 DSCF1133

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