Three months ago, I was at Mumbai Airport, awaiting my check-in back to Dubai. With me, there was a large group of people coming from a territory untouched by me and never did I think I’d be there in the next three months. But, life took me by surprise and I was in Hong Kong last weekend!

I stood across the Tung Chung Pier and something hit me so bad, the freedom crashed into me like waves, liberating my life, unhinging the shackles and leaving me breathless with a tear in my eye. The pier was multiple shades of blue and grey, diminishing into pearly-grey skies, leaving very little distinction between the seas and the clouds; as I watched, my inhibitions were starting to fade… I’m at that 20-something stage of my life when some days nothing makes sense and some days I’m exhausted, overwhelmed with everything around me, which is why this was a welcome getaway.

Hong Kong was a destination worth a long-haul 8-hour flight and instead of enjoying the loud streets and busy nightlife, I chose the picturesque clouds and the magic of Disney. It was exhilarating and a strange kind of high. I don’t think there are any days in my life that I miss where I’ve gone to bed at 10 PM (which would be a dream come true right about now) or the days I chose sane over insanity. When I stood next to the glorious landscapes of Hong Kong with a foamy mug of cappuccino, all the moments I reminisced about included me being off my comfort zone.

More than any lesson I’ve learned my entire life, this I keep nearest and dearest to me. May be it’s because I’m finally experiencing a quarter-life crisis (That’s a thing right?), or may be the most exhausting part of being who you are, is being the exact same person for the rest of your life. This reckless path of self-discovery is tantalizing and more than that, necessary. If there’s one thing everyone should try once in a while is to NOT be themselves. Travel is this romantic notion of discovery, realization, letting go and let me re-iterate; every bit of that is true. Honestly now, If we can’t light the fire ourselves how are we ever going to re-kindle this love-affair with life?


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Heena Mak

I believe in changing mindsets, changing the world, not with the power of a sword, but with the power of a word...

One thought on “HONG KONG”

  1. Thank you speaking my heart out! All this while I am undergoing my own self evolution, and all I have ever wanted was to escape. But escape to where? From life? How? by killing myself? It was only until lately from my spiritual friends and you I have learnt that the true essence of ‘escape’ lies not in being a coward and literally running away from life, but to embrace life by exploring its shapes and diversity through the means of travelling. Good news? My visa for a few European countries is under process and I am more than excited. 🙂

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