No more blogging

There are things us writers really enjoy about a story – the characters, the plot, the climax and most of all, the ending. It’s cathartic in every form, releasing you from your curiosity, wonder and sometimes, even pain. But when the very thing you love begins to take over your life as an escape, you know there’s a setback. And as a writer, just typing the words out loud have bought a tear in my eye…

But stories cannot be forced, they must flow naturally, seeking out to the reader, becoming the very thing they need to hear. And yes, when it comes to writing something as ‘vain’ as a blog, it still matters; at least it does to me.

My content has been plummeting and not in a good way, it has become more personal and frankly, slightly gloomy. I’ve strongly believed whatever goes on in anyone’s life is no reason to share the same kind of negativity around others, especially online, where there are already many triggers. And if you’re reading this and thinking that I’m giving up. I’m not. I’m just giving the one thing I really love the time to heal and come back to it when I’m ready.

Writing in many ways has been my armour, I turn to it every step of the way, to communicate, to share and sometimes, even to cry. It calms me and lets me be my true self and just to use it to share pessimism doesn’t feel right.

As most things, it is hard to part ways with things we love and I’ve loved every part of being here. I used to believe that I could ink hope into the world and change lives, but until I change mine, this goal is just a delusion. I’m going to leave you with a quote a dear friend wrote for me “Looking forward to coming back is the beauty of being where we are.”

Until next time…

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Heena Mak

I believe in changing mindsets, changing the world, not with the power of a sword, but with the power of a word...

5 thoughts on “No more blogging”

  1. This was a heart wrenching and yet a beautiful post, Heena. Sometimes, we need to look within ourselves and find a way to complete a whole circle of life before we can change that for others. Every tear, ever sadness, and every melancholy is accompanied with positivity and blessings in disguise we don’t see. Be patient, heal yourself, call me and we can dine out ( I have been longing for that ), I have nothing but deep admiration for your artistic take on life and for how sensitive and beautiful you are. In a world where people get stone cold day by day, you are the epitome of that missing light we all need to connect us to humanity. Be yourself, love yourself, we are here waiting for you.
    Love and Regards
    Sonia… ❤

    1. Thank you Sonia for your consistent support. I did not have the heart to say anything to your kindness back then. But thank you for your patience ❤ I love you for being such an inspiration to me in every way you've done it.

      1. I am so glad and so happy that I am an inspiration to you. That’s the best compliment I have received in ages, considering the fact that I used to look up to you in college. Thank you so much. Love and Blessings your way.

  2. I am writing this not just as a comment for this post, but some of your previous posts too.

    I say, take your time. Take your time and be with those who loves you no matter what you say or what you do ; example parents, siblings or good friends. When you feel the need to please others, you are in fear of rejection by them, you fear that without them you will be so alone; and that fear is absolutely wrong! Nothing is worth who you are not. Those with whom you have to put up a smile, hiding the pain inside is not worth your company right now. Nobody is as important as you in this world, right now. You deserve, the company of those who listen to you, be with your pain, do not judge you and only compliments and encourages you.

    Anyone who is in short of the above mentioned criteria is not worth any time you spend with them.

    The Universe needs you, because you complete the Universe. You are not just a tiny speck in the Universe, but an important link that puts the Universe in place. So take good care of yourself.

    I say all these ingesting a cocktail of anti- depressants myself. I don’t know you personally, nor your life experiences. But I know what pain feels like, so I thought I will share this with you.

    Come back; here or on a better platform. I am your regular blog follower. And there are many others too. You have served us well so far. There are many still waiting to be served by you. So come back in whichever field your heart feels the most joy. Do not care about our approval. Some of us may not like it and leave. But some of us would love what you have to offer and may bring others in too. And the number of people who love the true you would increase!

    Sending tonnes of love💝💝💝

    1. I never responded to this because I never did have the heart to let so much of your kindness in. Thank you for your comment, I’ve read and re-read it again and again ❤ ❤ ❤

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