“She’s disheveled, bits and pieces of her are missing, she’s been hurt and she’s made some mistakes. She is a child on certain days, and others, she’s pulling through relentlessly like a grown-up. They expect her to smile through her pain, anticipate less and love unconditionally, they want to judge what she wears, who she meets, who she chooses to love. They all have an opinion on her freedom, her choices, her love and her life. Her gender comes at a price and countless expectations; she births, she gives, she works and she does it all under labels that try to bring her down.

She’s also a fighter, a survivor and a warrior. She’s breaking through the foundation of every stereotype inflicted on her soul and giving into who she is. She’s choosing to rise above the haters, accept her soul, her self and her size. She no longer wants to conform to her anxieties; she wants break boundaries and let everyone know that she’s GOOD ENOUGH.”

I have been obliged with the opportunity to work with Evans Middle East on their regional #STYLEHASNOSIZE campaign, a cause that hits so close to home. They are one of the first brands in the region that are focussed on a change that is deep-rooted and long-term. Size-acceptance has been the talk of the fashion scene for quite sometime and it’s not until now, the topic has been taken seriously. Being a part of this cause has been quite a challenge for someone who is self-conscious and has used no filters in describing her insecurities on the blog. So I had my moments of doubt, but the process of forcing myself out of my comfort zone has been cathartic. It definitely didn’t bring a mindful change overnight, however, it pushed me into acceptance and being kind to myself.

Remember, the biggest challenge is to be oneself in a world that is constantly reminding you to be someone else. There are no words yet that describes the immense pleasure in just LETTING GO of everyone’s version of you and keeping your head up high. Thank you Evans to make me and many more women realize that Plus is sexy and style truly has no size.

Join the movement here and follow them on Instagram.

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Heena Mak

I believe in changing mindsets, changing the world, not with the power of a sword, but with the power of a word...

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