25 Random Facts About Me


Yea, I know. I’m like years late on this bandwagon, but I’ve been wanting to do a Tag blog-post for a while now and this seemed like an interesting one. It’s not easy to find 25 interesting facts about oneself, considering I’m an open book almost all the time, but here they are anyways. I hope you find them interesting, should you have any questions about me, leave them down in the comments section. 

  1. I love QUOTES, I love being able to relate and sometimes create words that speak my mind.
  2. I’m both a tea and a coffee person.
  3. My top 5 favorite artists/bands in order are: Adele, Evanescence, Florence & The Machine, Taylor Swift and Enrique Iglesias.
  4. I hardly ever wear jewelry. I just find it uncomfortable because I end up fiddling and losing it.
  5. I used to both dance and draw when I was younger, I do neither of those things anymore.
  6. I already have 8 tattoos that are fairly small, eventually, I’d like a sleeve and both my legs covered in art. I also want eyebrow and lip piercings.
  7. I’m a journalism major and it would be my dream to do my masters in English Lit or Cosmetology. When I was younger, I would have chosen Fashion Designing or Law.
  8. I hate confrontations. If I’m ever forced into a fight, I’d lose my shit and start screaming, then crying, it’s not pretty.
  9. My favorite cuisine is Italian, followed by Middle Eastern and Turkish.
  10. I hate hearing someone tell me I can’t do something. I’d do anything to prove them wrong.
  11. Definitely a morning person. (A Starbucks Venti Caramel Macchiato is the secret)
  12. Top 5 qualities in a partner: A conversationalist, someone with good humor, a go-getter, someone who knows their wine and can stand Sephora. JK, one who isn’t afraid to do everything in the name of love.
  13. Turn-offs: Ruthless behavior, not thinking about consequences and dis-regard for safety.
  14. I’ve made 2015 the year of travel, out of which two of my trips were solitary, I’d like to visit at least 3 new destinations every year. Not just because I want to see the world but because I want to do things that constantly take me out of my comfort zone.
  15. I remember and notice too many details about people. Sometimes, it drives me crazy, because I’m sure my RAM is over-capacitated. But, it helps a lot while buying gifts.
  16. Speaking of, things I’d spend all my money on: Buying Gifts for close family and friends, CD’s, Books, Vintage Collectibles and MakeUp.
  17. Causes I support include: Mental Illness Education, LGBT Acceptance, Women and Children’s Rights.
  18. I’ve been in love twice.
  19. I want to be an award-winning author one day of a book that is based on romance, reality and one (or more) of the causes I support. I already have a speech prepared 😛
  20. If I love someone, I’d go to the ends of the earth for them. Period.
  21. Sometimes when I’m looking at people, things or a beautiful view, my mind starts writing quotes and I desperately turn to the notes section on my iPhone.
  22. I’ve been diagnosed with Clinical Depression twice and currently have anxiety as well. Although I do not believe that I’m perfectly healed and happy, I’d do anything in my power to help more people get through the same experience.
  23. Favorite shows/movies: F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Supernatural, One Tree Hill, Arrow, Harry Potter, The Fault in Our Stars and 10 Things I hate About You.
  24. I make yearly bucket lists since 2014. For the coming year, things on my bucket list include: Presenting my book to a publisher, keeping myself happy, starting YT videos and traveling to any of the three destinations; Bali, Greece, Seoul, London, Iceland or Morocco.
  25. Apart from writing, I’m extremely passionate about cooking. The ingredients, the process and the aesthetics inspires me sooooooooo much, I’d definitely want a cafe one day.

I’d like to get to know you better too! Tell me a random fact about yourself! xx

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Heena Mak

I believe in changing mindsets, changing the world, not with the power of a sword, but with the power of a word...

8 thoughts on “25 Random Facts About Me”

  1. Love the 25 random facts and love you girl Been recently diagnosed with depression as well I think we have a lot in common. Though I am still learning to write down the feelings which is supposed to be a good sign.

    Best wishes xx

    1. Hello Monica, (I love that name) Yes, thank you for the kind comments you’ve left on my Instagram. I understand the constant struggle of being in the cocoon of depression and also knowing that one day you’ll have to step out of it and be happy. If writing isn’t something you would do, try art, walking in the night to clear your head, anything and everything that puts your efforts in understanding and healing yourself. And definitely confide in someone who could be there for you.

      I’m here if you’d like to talk, btw 🙂 I’m sure we can help each other along.


  2. Hi Heena, that was an interesting read.. Might do the same so people can get to know me a little better too. Hmm interesting facts, my name is in Arabic, can speak 5 languages, love bohemian fashion and can sleep like there’s no tomorrow 😬 Sheema x

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