Makeup Geek Duo Chrome Eyeshadow Review


Makeup Geek Duo Chrome shadows are expectedly stunning.

I do not say this lightly, but Makeup Geek Shadows are my all time favorites over M.A.C and Lorac Pro *Gasp*. The pigmentation is oh-s0-sweet and the texture is like butter.

Objectively, Makeup Geek Duo Chrome shadows aren’t ones I use everyday because I’m a hard-core neutrals girl, but without a doubt, they add the necessary impact when you need them to. The hues are dead on and have very interesting shifts and undertones. Let’s go shade by shade with this one as it’s truly worthy. 


Steampunk: I LOVE the name of this shadow. This color does not have a drastic shift in the dual chrome(ness) but it’s a deep chocolaty-coppery brown and a black base. The shift is mesmerizing on a smoky eye with a cream black base and ads an extra ‘rock-chic’ to any look.

Rockstar: This shade has a lilac-pink iridescence and silvery undertones. This is a tricky one to use on deeper skin-tones. For lighter skin-tones to fair-medium tones, I’d recommend it for a halo technique that adds a twist to a mundane day makeup.

Secret Garden: A gorgeous Teal overlay on a rich brown base.  It’s reminiscent of M.A.C Blue Black pigment. If you’re experimental with color, pair this with a tangerine crease color and a wing-liner. But, if you, like me are terrified of wearing this, just work this shade alone and buff heavily on the crease. The ready brown base really comes-out post blending and adds a beautiful depth to the light teal tone.

I’m Peachless: It’s a subtle duo chrome with a neutral buff shade and peachy golden highlights. This is quite a stunner on deeper skin-tones and works as a highlight as well on the tops of the cheekbones. I’d bring out the glow for a date-night!


Ritzy: A red-brown base and potent golden reflects. I’m Peachless and Ritzy do go hand in hand! You can also see a light green tone showing up from this shade and it’s a stunner on deeper skin-tones as well. This with a powerful cut-crease is what dreams are made of (at least mine).

Typhoon: I saved the best for last! This one has teal depth with green and olive gold reflects. Think emerald and black, classy right? My favorite way to wear this is on top of a black smoky eye.

I hope you liked this review, watch out for a tutorial and review of the Foiled Shadows and the Regular Makeup Geek pans. Let me know if you have any looks for me to recreate in the comments below.

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