Okku Restaurant Review

Lobster Salad

They say chivalry is dead, but you’d find a rare breed of extremely lovely staff at Okku that’ll prove you wrong. The ambience at this fine dining dream is subtly lit with an amber-bronze tenor adornment; you walk into an elegant setting, reminiscent of Nobu, yet one that bears its own flair. Okku is a favorable night-spot if you’re into good Japanese food with great setting.

I say ‘good’ judiciously, because me and seafood have never got on the right foot, so sincerely there were ups and downs, but if you’re looking for a true seafoodie’s review of Okku, then that’s probably not me. I’m here to make the transition of a fussy foodie into someone who is open to trying new cuisines. So yes, Okku did overwhelm me at the beginning with quite a standard Chilli-Garlic Edamame, followed by an equally standard Lobster Salad. The former was not poorly cooked, but had a really strong garlicky aroma, overpowering any other flavors. The latter wasn’t particularly off, but also nothing special. I had a major meltdown trying Tuna and Foie Gras Carpaccio mainly because well I’ve never liked Tuna, but for the sake of the review, I marched right through it.

Chilli-Garlic Edamame
Tuna and Foie Gras
O Style Avocado Volcano

Things were all bright and sunny with O Style Ginger Salmon Sashimi, bold, bright tangy flavors to adorn the raw and delicately fresh fish. My partner-in-crime for the evening had Beef Tacos and absolutely adored it, so there’s that. Then came the flaming O Style Avocado Volcano, a sweet, tangy and spicy concoction of Avo, Mushrooms and Asparagus. It’s almost a cliché to say this, but this one’s Instagram-worthy appetizer.

Fish Cake
Black Cod

The night was still young and I was thriving on my new adventure to embrace and love Japanese food after a bumpy start. We were served Fish Cakes and a decadent Black Cod. The chef told us that the fish is prepared after being marinated for a 24 hour in this special sweet and creamy Yuzu and Miso sauce, which then accompanies it for serving. This was an outstanding main with a generous portion of delightful.

O Style Dynamite Kani

The best was finally here… Because then came the O Style Dynamite Kani: two whole baked crab legs paired with creamy flavors of masago and mayonnaise. OMG! It is a piece of art. There’s something so raw and faithful about seafood that’s been cooked well to preserve its integrity, yet paired with hint of flavors that elevate and not conceal its true nature.

Ginger Creme Brulee
Molten Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream

There was more magic left for the evening, that came from the desserts! We were served a Ginger Crème Brulee, Chocolate fondant and a stunning glass of fresh fruits and mango syrup. All three were divine. As a foodie, I’d say it’s pretty hard to make a messed up Chocolate Fondant, but this was still one of the better ooey-goeey fondants I’ve had. The fruits were delicious and delicate in nature, but my heart was stolen by the complexity of the Ginger infused Crème Brulee. It was divine! Paired with fresh blueberries and a crisp, it really stands true to the restaurants Asian trails and brings together the meal marvelously!

I hope you liked this review, let me know your favourite Japanese food spots?


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