Four things at Ripe Market

IMG_3478I’m so glad that Dubai is finally leaning towards the #GetAwayfromTheMall culture, because that means exciting markets and exhibits like Ripe Market and Street Nights DXB are getting their well deserved hype. Being here for the last 13 years has definitely impacted my resilience to the great outdoors and I’ve resorted (like many other) to the comfortable mall culture.

NOT anymore! I experienced Ripe Market in all it’s glory and loved what came out of it, here are five things worth trying:IMG_3414


  1. Experience Art: Reminiscent of the street culture of Mumbai, it’s finally great to see local artists get out there and exhibit their collections; this means jewelry, décor and of course the canvas. When you do visit Ripe Market, keep an eye out for the art, it truly is food for your soul. I’ve done a post on one of my favourite spots at Ripe, Rebel Living here.
  2. Fresh Produce: While the food trucks and coconut water can seem fulfilling in themselves. There produce sold here is remarkably good. I preferred not carrying a basket of fruits and veggies home and ended up trying their online service and here’s the big reveal!
  3. Indulgence: My partner in crime and I tried Pedro’s and Wofl that morning. Having a ton of experience in spicy Mexican food in my repertoire, I’d give this a big thumbs up. By no means are they authentic, but their food is fresh and delicious and street-like. Nothing wrong with that is there? As you all know that I’m a desserts gal, that I really do have more to say about that Wofl. Well, it was caramelly-bannanaeey–cinamonny crispy waffle goodness. I’ve gone total bananas after having a taste, you see?
  4. Breathe in the great outdoors: After I got my wofl, I sat in the park and just layed there, resorting to the sun and the silence. It was great! If you have a large family or a large group of friends, sometimes It’s a great idea to hit a park, have a delicious meal and just lay there breathing in the fresh air. Nothing better than that.


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