Review Burberry Cult Faves

Get your ‘Ooh’s’ and ‘Aah’s’ on, it’s time to talk Burberry Cult Faves!

I had recently done a review on my new family recruits from their eloquent range, but I still owed you my all time loves from this brand. Here’s my take on Burberry.


  1. Burberry Glow Luminous Fluid Base Golden Radiance 02: This is a beaut! Thin texture, that stands between a lotion and serum, seamlessly offers a radiant summer glow. I love this to add some color or enhance an existing tan. I’m not one to use products in pairs, but this paired with the Burberry Fresh Glow Foundation is a summer can’t-live-without. Which leads me to;
  2. Burberry Fresh Glow Foundation: This foundation has been in my stash for over 10 months. And let me tell you, this is top-shelf, everyday material. The finish is natural and it evidently lets the skin peek through. The coverage is between light to medium. The former can be achieved with a damp beauty blender, but to build up the product, just use clean fingers and pat away!
  3. Pale Barley Eyeshadow: This is the no-makeup makeup dream! A hint of taupe-gray barley shade that leaves just enough wash of color that can be enhanced with a wing liner or just fuller lashes. The texture is divine and so satiny to touch. Don’t bother with brushes and just sweep across with your fingers. I also think this is the no-fuss LBD eyeshadow. I mean think about it? Black dress, pale barley and a little bit of wing and lashes.
  4. Effortless Eyebrow Definer: It’s been 9 months and I haven’t used any other brow product but this! Let me tell you my struggle has a brunette. I have black eyebrows, that look absolutely ridiculous with dark brown or ebony brow definers. But this Ash Charcoal Gray that is just rightfully opaque is a life saver. Just stroke away against your lashes to add a defined/natural look. This is hands down my top-notch recommendation from the brand.
  5. Oxblood Lipstick: This is a stunning oxblood shade (duh!), with a satin feel and luminous finish. The lipstick leaves a stain as the day goes by, so it’s perfect for cooler months. With that said, I love pairing this with neutral eyes (pale barley!) and a touch of blush! It oozes french beauty, wouldn’t you say?

Tell me: what other products would you want me to review from Burberry?


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