Affordable brands that really pack a punch are everyone’s favourite! They’re an absolute staple that you don’t feel guilty about re-purchasing or splurging in every other color that is out there. I’ve just been having a love-affair with my Kiko finds. It’s a fairly new brand in the UAE and only available at MCC and DCC, but well worth the trip. I have done a whole YouTube video that you can check out below with my first impressions; but if you want to see my check-ins wearing all the products for 8 hours and more with my final thoughts, you have to do a double whammy; read up and watch next.


KIKO Universal Fit Foundation in Neutral 40: It’s a highly pigmented, sheer feeling foundation. This particular shade leans to the warm side, which actually really suits my coloring. It does get a little oily at the 5 hour mark, but in Dubai’s heat, what product really holds up? This foundation doesn’t break apart or gunk up in dry spots, it’s just a very trusty medium coverage foundation. One con, the limited shades available.

KIKO Luxurious Lashes Mascara: This is a product I’m on the fence about. It’s a nice lengthening day-time mascara, but lush volume is what it’s really about for me. Personally, it’s a pass, but if any of you girlies like the look, go for it!

KIKO Pencil Brush: This brush is a dream. I’ve been needing a MAC dupe for this one and it’s really lovely and soft. The product blends seamlessly and it also can add precision for softening waterline edges.

img_1638KIKO Soft Touch Illuminator: Apart from not getting a shade lighter than my complexion, I love this as a concealer. It’s very blendable and seamless and doesn’t leave any streaks. In fact, so far, it hasn’t even creased on me.


KIKO Hydra Pro Glow: This primer/moisturizer/SPF in one is light and radiant. For combination skin, this is exactly the right amount of glow. I have been loving adding a pump of this before my foundation, it really sets the right tone and retains just enough moisture for my combination skin.

img_1630KIKO Radiant Touch Creamy Stick Highlighter: It’s a tad toned down version of Champagne pop and very very blendable. Only con, it has a tendency to move foundation, so you must work it in with your fingers or a wet stippling brush and not straight from the bullet.

*Instagram Highlight Tip: Add this and a generous swoosh of your favourite champagne toned highlighter and YOU ARE IN BUSINESS!

img_1624KIKO Velvet Touch Creamy Stick Blush in Geranium: Such a treat! Love how it blends (and doesn’t move the foundation below even with powder!). The formula is creamy and just has enough tacky-ness to blend and lock in the color. I love it for a winter glow and it also works equally well as a lip tint!

img_1617 KIKO Design Flower Enriched Bronzer in Couture Sienna: Beautiful matte bronzer that has a buttery texture. Very comparable to Marc Jacobs bronzer. I even love the blush but it needs a few layers to show on my skin. It would suit paler skins more. One con, they only have 2 colors and that do not cater to deeper skin tones.

KIKO Hydra 3D Lip Gloss: It’s a thick gloss that doesn’t gunk or look disgusting after a few hours of wear. I do love the sheen, but I wish I tried a color outside my comfort zone. One tip, it works great to lighten deep lipsticks and also provide liquid lipsicks some sheen.


KIKO High Pigment Wet or Dry Eyeshadow in Matte Poppy Red: Apart from the fact that this color isn’t red but a deep raspberry shade, I LOVE this color. It’s unique and so smooth. With any other eyeshadow of such unique shade, you will notice some patchy-ness, but not this one, it really is a gem of a find!

KIKO Water Eyeshadow in 209 Olive Green, 202 Golden Mauve, 206 Pearly Coffee: I’ve heard everyone else say it and I have to agree that these are dupes for the NARS Dual Intensity Eyeshadows. And for less than half of the price, these are well worth the money! Gotta love the pigment that is strong both wet and dry. A great quality that these have is that the glitter doesn’t transfer all over your face.


KIKO Nail Lacquer 336 Bright Blue: This nail lacquer is fast-drying, two-coat, intense payoff. I do recommend a base and a top coat as it will add to the longevity. I do have a deep autumnal shade that I’m currently typing with and loving!


KIKO Matte Fusion Pressed Powder: Again, a very trusty find. It is a full coverage powder with diffusing properties. I do love pairing it with the foundation and illuminator as they’re so light-weight that this does add a touch of medium-high coverage.


KIKO Velvet Passion Lipstick in Cycalamen Pink:  This product is disappointing. It’s a comfortable semi matte that is not forgiving. It highlights texture and does break after a long day! I’m not a fan of this formula.

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