The irresistible packaging of a NARS product is your first lead into the brand and then you get sucked into the performance and pigmentation. I picked up these two gorgeous bits form their Spring Collection and re-stocked an old fave. Here are my thoughts:  Continue reading NARS Haul

Blogmas 22: The ‘Glow’ Edit

Smoky eyes or bright lips, whatever you go for this season, you’re going to need that perfect glow. Which is where my ultimate edit for radiant base comes in. Here are my must-haves that transform you from dull to doll…<3

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Skincare Heroes


My skin has been yo-yoing for quite a while between dry to oily to combination. Makeup has been sitting on my face poorly and breakouts are a recurrence for the first time in my life. On persistent issues, I’ve diagnosed my skin as dehydrated – combination. It needs the moisture, but in right proportions and right areas.

This skincare routine has been a life-saver. Before Mumbai I was religiously following this routine, but during my stay there, I understood why I needed these products in my life forever. If your skin is going through similar problems and you are familiar with desert-like climatic conditions (With A/C), this might be up your alley. Continue reading Skincare Heroes

A sensuous love affair with Jo Malone London Rain Limited Edition Review

It’s one of those things. You go to the store thinking there is nothing you need, and then you see it, calling for you, enticing you with its slick packaging and future use, and you fall for it, every time, for good reason.

This is what happened here.


Jo Malone’s London Rain Limited Edition collection is as gorgeous as it is sensuous. Inspired from the scents of London’s Rain, just the pure concept is absolutely stunning. It’s one of those things Hopeless Romantics dream about and here I am, living it. The scents are absolutely inspired and come in four varieties – Wisteria & Violet, Rain & Angelica, White Jasmine & Mint and Black Cedarwood & Juniper.

I experienced all of them and then there was a conundrum. You see my New Year’s resolution was to try new things and I’ve done my best to experiment in fashion, makeup as well as food, so why not here? If truth were told, I’m a Wisteria & Violet girl; the notes have strong influences of water lily, wisteria, violet and patchouli whispering the gentle morning showers in the stunning city.  I love subtle and floral scents and this was heartwarming.

However, when I whiffed Black Cedarwood & Juniper, it was an inviting, almost erotic scent. Mind you, it’s slightly masculine as it has strong woody notes of cumin, chilli, juniper and cedar. Supposedly reminding you of those cumbersome midnight showers, this is definitely a scent for the evening goddesses. Which is why it was worthy of stepping out of my comfort zone. It’s a scent I would never, yet I always wanted to try and here I am, lost in it’s magic.

These limited edition babes are worth AED 600 and are only available in the larger bottle. There is no justifying the high price, except if it’s within your budget, do give it a go, the scents are really rare.


Why I love it:

  • Long lingering power
  • Strong notes

Why I mind it:

  1. Pricey

A brief bit on Jasmine & Mint

An afternoon cloudburst, soaking gardens exuding jasmine, orange flower and rose. Topped off with minty notes, this scent for the ultimate floral goddess.

A brief bit on Rain & Angelica

Morning dew awakening London park at dawn. A scent that combines herb, sour as well as earthy base of Vetiver, this is just one of a kind.

Weekend OOTD + M&S Jewellery

I’m a sucker for comfy clothes that make it all easy. I love a dash of simplicity in any outfit an if you know me, I’m more probably than not hanging on to my denims. Here’s my perfect way to style them.

My shirt is a pale blue and white striped shirt from Marks & Spencers and Boyfriend jeans from Marks & Spencers as well…

Marks & Spencers make the best denims for plus size women. There are different styles and shapes and my favourite are straight leg and boyfriend jeans. So when they got in touch with me, I was elated. I’ve been wearing too many casuals and formals from them for over 2 years and I love their stuff.

Coming back to the outfit, if blue and blue is not your thing – Here’s another suggestion, go white. The classic combination can be perked up with a statement necklace. Instead of a shirt, opt for a top that has more personality and depth and this shirt with lace inserts.


And to top off this outfit post as the post suggests, here’s three of my favourite necklaces from M&S this season. I’m loving aquatic themed necklaces and rose-gold is an all time fav! Do check these out if you pop into M&S soon.


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One-step skincare wonder – The Clean & Clear Black Head Removing Scrub



The other day, I had an extravagant event, barely had any sleep and a week worth of bad skincare routine and I posted a selfie on my Twitter and realised, my skin managed to look quite nice. I know I am not alone for not being up-to date with my skincare, which is why I believe that sometimes, this one step can be a life-changer. That is – CLEANSING.

No Makeup, No Filter (Or Skincare) selfie after cleansing my face with Clean & Clear Blackhead Removing Scrub.
No Makeup, No Filter (Or Skincare) selfie after cleansing my face with Clean & Clear Blackhead Removing Scrub.



Two months ago, I was sent the Clean & Clear Black Head Removing Scrub. I’ve had a good try out for a long time to experiment and understand the product properties and here’s why I’ve loved it. The claims of the product are –

  1. A good cleanse
  2. Doubles up as an exfoliator
  3. Blackhead removal
  4. Gentle on the skin

So far, it ticks all the boxes.

Here’s how to use it best:

  1. Your cleansing routine is almost always better with warm-quite warm (Not HOT) water. So open the tap and splash some warm water. If you have make up on, I’d reckon to remove it before this process. This step preps the pores to absorb the product well and supports the blackhead removal properties of the product.
  2. Squirt out the product and start scrubbing. The particles are gentle and do not feel rough, which is why I do believe this product will work for sensitive skin. I don’t have sensitive skin, so please do test a small area before trying. Moving on, keep scrubbing your face for a full minute in gentle circular motions and focus on your t-zone (that helps with blackheads).
  3. Rinse the face wash with warm water. Pat dry and follow with your skincare regime (Or not :P).

Two things I love about this product

  1. It leaves a squeaky clean effect without making my face feel like a dry land.
  2. The scrubby particles are relatively small, so I don’t feel like I am being aggressive with the cleansing.

One thing I dislike

It has a subtle indescribable scent that doesn’t float my boat. Apart from that, it’s a lovely product.




Marc Jacobs The Vamp Palette Demo + Review

When I went to Sephora two weeks ago and finally got my hands on the Marc Jacobs Palette’s, I am telling you it felt like I had everything I wanted. There are many different set of palettes from the same line including ‘The Lolita’ which has taken the beauty bloggers by storm. I am a horder for all the natural bronzy shades and really wanted to avoid another neutral palette, so to venture out, I bought the notably sexiest palette shades. Here are my thoughts.

IMG_0087 IMG_0090 IMG_0092

1. Pigmentation: This palette always requires a cream base or a primer to enhance the shades or the colours do not show up very well. Even though the colours are very strong in the palette, but do not transfer very pigmented on the eye-lid.

2. Blend-ability: The lighter shades barely make a difference on my eye-lid and need a lot of layering which does not happen with my Naked palettes. The darker shades are quite blendable and I do enjoy using them in my crease mostly.

3. Longevity: I think with Dubai’s changing weather, it is quite imperative the shadows I buy are long-lasting. However, this was quite a disappointment. I have to wear Maybelline 24 hour colour tattoo in the base to ensure the shadows have a longer staying power.

4. Looks: I really enjoyed playing with the beautiful shades to create sexy smokey eyes and here’s a creative look combining the cranberry, emerald and black shades.


Get the look:

1. Start by priming your eyes or using a matte cream shadow.

2. Using the cranberry shade from the Marc Jacobs The Vamp palette, apply it all over the eye lid.

3. Combining the muted brown and black define the crease and extend it a little.

4. The outer part of your eye should form a horizontal V (but blended really well)

5. Using the emerald colour, pat it in the centre of the lid. The colours should transition from cranberry to green to black.

6. Blend, blend and blend some more!

7. Using the same three shades, apply it on the lower lash-line.

8. Use a black eyeliner thinly on your upper-lashline and your favourite mascara.

9. Enjoy the look!

Skincare Hangover Kit

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Yesterday, was all about reviving your body from the party slump. If you’ve had too many late nights and way too many parties, here’s how to get the glow back in your skin. Winter has genuinely been hard on my skin and I keep going back and forth to find the perfect permutations and combinations that suit my face. These are personal favourites leaning towards catering dry skin or oily skin with dry patches (like mine).

Let’s get this started! Continue reading Skincare Hangover Kit

Festive Season – Perfect Base

Three things are essential about how your skin looks at the Christmas day. Your skin should be flawless, glowing and natural. In a quest to discover foundations that performs better than my last one, I stumbled upon a well talked about foundation in the beauty realm – Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay In Place MakeUp in the shade 2.

For this time of the year, I couldn’t be happier with the results. Let me describe this beauty in technicalities.

Screen Shot 2013-12-06 at 11.35.07


Estee Lauder Double Wear is a full coverage foundation. It is not heavy or uncomfortable by any means for the results it provides. I am unsure about it staying till 15 hours, as I’ve only used it for max 10 hours and this product hasn’t disappointed me one bit. In fact, on my good days, I can just use this without any concealer. The formula has been changed but I will not draw comparisons, as I have only tried the new one, which works perfectly for my combination skin.


Since it’s a cream based full coverage foundation, the best application has been with a buffing brush or a stippling brush. I’ve also used a Beauty Blender to sheer it out and that works on days you can survive without good coverage. My favourite has definitely been the combination of a stippling brush. The application is very smooth without the foundation clinging on any dry patches and the finish is quite flawless.

In all fairness, I would recommend no one to use a foundation brush with this foundation, as if you are not light handed, this can be a bit much and even look cakey with no fault of the product.


For this look, I have also used my Bobby Brown corrector in medium beige with YSL Touche Eclat highlighting concealer in the number 2.

That completes this look!

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Pure Paradise fails

Bath and Body Works Pure Paradise body is an average product. I have been hung up on Jo Malone Body Cremes and Laura Mercier’s Body Butters, and things are going to remain that way.


To describe the scent, it’s a mix of fresh notes of star fruit, acai berry and frangipani paired with a warming wintery scent of coconut. I am very fond of the scent and that is the only reason I will use this up.

However, the product promises a non greasy nourishing formula but fails to deliver. The body creme absorbs into your skin rapidly, leaving no trace of moisture and defeating the purpose of a moisturiser routine completely.

If you like non greasy formulas like I do, let me know what you have tried in the comments below!