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Category: FEATURES

Skincare Heroes

My skin has been yo-yoing for quite a while between dry to oily to combination. Makeup has been sitting on my face poorly and breakouts are a recurrence for the first time in my life. On persistent issues, I’ve diagnosed … Continue Reading Skincare Heroes

Upcoming Reviews

So before my 21st birthday, I went on a massive high-end product hauls. And you can expect the following reviews: Two Faced Shadow Bon Bons M.A.C Longwear Paint Pot in Let Me Pop Benefit Fine One One Laura Mercier Invisible … Continue Reading Upcoming Reviews

Lush Cupcake Review

Nothing can go wrong with such an amazing brand of organic skincare, cosmetics and hair range. Lush Cupcake is in a Chocolate Flavour and is delicious for the skin. Preventing breakout and reducing redness, the face mask is also very clarifying. … Continue Reading Lush Cupcake Review