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Secret to super shiny hair

Originally posted on iamillumin8:
If you go out and buy many products only to find them not worth the hype or price, here is a cheap and easy way to have super shiny hair. This hair mask is appropriate for…

Lush Cupcake Review

Nothing can go wrong with such an amazing brand of organic skincare, cosmetics and hair range. Lush Cupcake is in a Chocolate Flavour and is delicious for the skin. Preventing breakout and reducing redness, the face mask is also very clarifying. … Continue Reading Lush Cupcake Review


A glass of wine, or a shattered glass, Beguiling darkness, come albatross Look beyond your petty price, Rise above and realise Perhaps there is more to life? Find a purpose and a hope, Life is best with those who cope … Continue Reading Poetry