A glass of wine, or a shattered glass,
Beguiling darkness, come albatross
Look beyond your petty price,
Rise above and realise
Perhaps there is more to life?

Find a purpose and a hope,
Life is best with those who cope
Don’t let them see you weep,
Even if you feel incomplete

The Versace Man or a Greek God

I am sure, a woman’s opinion of a man’s perfume would be odd, but I could not resist commenting on this amazing new fragrance by Versace called Eros. I must warn way ahead, this is not available in retail in the UAE yet, however it is available for sales on UK/US  Image.

Let’s start by clarifying, I wasn’t the one who wore the perfume, it is tried and tested by a man. I couldn’t help but revel in the scent. The notes for Eros are very subtle but distinctively masculine. The freshness of mint leaves, Italian lemon zest and green apple stands out as the top note. The perfume fades in the mid notes of  Oriental, Tonka Beans, Amber, Geranium Flower and Cedarwood. However, the irresistible base note of Vetyver and Oak Moss, and sweet vanilla were my favorite.

Inspired from the greek culture and mythology, the packaging represents their Mediterranean sea and lifestyle. To top it all off, there is a brilliant Medusa emboss on the bottle, which in one word is artistically divine. 

If this costed a fortune, I’d still buy it!!

Ultimate faith


It is amazing how things change… A love and hate relationship with change is one I’ll always have. But I love this change and I heart this quote


Not a big fan of a loud lip, especially a Red one. Since I have too much olive and yellow tones to my skin, my face looks washed out or extremely warm with a bright red lip. However, this new drugstore lipstick is absolutely divine. Deborah Milano Mat Atomic Red 05 is a shade to die for. It has more blue tones, which makes your teeth brighter and your face seems less warm. Available for Dhs 30 from Centrepoint or any other drugstore in UAE.Image

For a drugstore brand, it is awfully long lasting as well. I wore it all morning, having coffee and breakfast in between, but the color did not stain off (which is expected from a drugstore brand)… It does need a touch up every 3-4 hours, but it is a product worth it’s bucks.

I will admit, it tends to a more maroony red, which to my preference is perfectly pretty. Look below for the actual color. Also, works best when it is build-up. Layer a light coat on your lips, and apply any loose powder, then apply two more layers of the color, this makes the lips last long.




Reasonably long lasting




Not suitable for those who like shiny lips

Boots Products – Drugstore MakeUp Remover


The Boots Simply Sensitive Cleansing Lotion is complete value for money. Priced at approximately Dhs 22 at Boots Pharmacy in Dubai, it is a better cleanser than anything else I have ever tried (Including a Makeup Remover from L’Occitane).

This cleansing lotion is amazing for removing makeup from both face and eyes. Take a cotton pad and two pea-size amount of the lotion and gently rub your face. Take the same amount and remove makeup from your eyes as well. Since I wear contact lenses, I did find, this cleanser did not irritate my eyes at all during the process.

It also cleans pores from the inside as I used it over my exfoliation and cleansing regime (without any makeup in the first place). It managed to remove all the dirt from my face and leave it soft and supple.

It works well on all types of skin, as it’s neither too hydrating, nor too dry. Since the product is fragrance free, it will not irritate the skin

Dior Nude Skin Foundation Review

Wearing the Dior Nude Skin Foundation in the Day
Wearing the Dior Nude Skin Foundation in the Day

An expensive buy, however, Dior Nude Skin Foundation it is the perfect blend of a bb cream and a medium coverage foundation. I need to take a pea-sized amount for my face and blend towards my neck for a day-coverage. For a more flawless finish, use a concealer on problem areas with a setting powder. If you are going for an evening high-sheen look, keep the powder away from the high-points of your cheek so you would get a natural glow sans shimmer.

Also, the foundation is great for normal / combination and dry skin. Oily skin would find this too glowy for their skin.

The packaging is not travel friendly but makes a great dressing table piece.


  • Dewy and easy application (i.e. with fingers if you are going for a light coverage look)
  • Build able (with a kabuki or foundation brush)
  • Long – Lasting
  • Great for evenings
  • Gorgeous packaging for dressing table
  • Perfect for combination/normal/dry skin


  • Packaging too heavy for travel
  • Bad for oily skin

Figs & Rouge

Figs and Rouge

This British based brand Figs & Rouge is one of the best lips, face and body balm. It is deeply moisturising without being glossy and oily for the skin. I tried the Wild Cherry flavour and loved every bit of the product and it is a must have in my purse.

Rich in Communis Oil and Hydrogenated Castor Oil, the texture of this product is quite thick, which I think is also it’s USP. I Love Love Love Figs & Rouge products and so does my teen girl-crush Emma Watson.


  • Long lasting
  • Not Oily
  • Multi-purpose
  • 100 % Organic


  • Too thick
  • Melts a little in heated environment

Thanks Tish Tash PR!