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I bleed words. Always have, always will.

Today, the words are just pouring all around me and I for on, am merely putting pen to paper (in this case, type to WordPress). Continue reading Not worth reading


Okku Restaurant Review

Lobster Salad

They say chivalry is dead, but you’d find a rare breed of extremely lovely staff at Okku that’ll prove you wrong. The ambience at this fine dining dream is subtly lit with an amber-bronze tenor adornment; you walk into an elegant setting, reminiscent of Nobu, yet one that bears its own flair. Okku is a favorable night-spot if you’re into good Japanese food with great setting. Continue reading Okku Restaurant Review

Chantecaille Liquid Lumiere in Luster Review


Ethereal Glow (Check), Divine Texture (Check), High-impact luster finish (Check), this product is seriously something special when it comes to liquid highlighters. Continue reading Chantecaille Liquid Lumiere in Luster Review

Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial


The season of love asks for a soft smoky eye and defined lashes. I recently uploaded this Instagram and I’ve been really thrilled with the way the pigment reflected in the photographs and taking it from Day to Night is the only plausible way to make an impact.  Continue reading Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial

The TMI Tag


TMI is a tag that involves answering fifty utterly-random, yet personal questions about yourself and your life. It stands for Too Much Information and is actually pretty fun to do! So here goes everything.

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Makeup Geek Duo Chrome Eyeshadow Review


Makeup Geek Duo Chrome shadows are expectedly stunning.

I do not say this lightly, but Makeup Geek Shadows are my all time favorites over M.A.C and Lorac Pro *Gasp*. The pigmentation is oh-s0-sweet and the texture is like butter.

Objectively, Makeup Geek Duo Chrome shadows aren’t ones I use everyday because I’m a hard-core neutrals girl, but without a doubt, they add the necessary impact when you need them to. The hues are dead on and have very interesting shifts and undertones. Let’s go shade by shade with this one as it’s truly worthy.  Continue reading Makeup Geek Duo Chrome Eyeshadow Review

Urban Decay Vice 4 Review

DSCF9395I’ve sort of let beauty content slide on my blog and part of it is because life got in the way. Part of it, I sort of lost my inspiration and drive to enthusiastically discuss swatches and pigmentation. But, all’s not lost and I’m kicking off 2016’s first makeup post with a gorgeous eyeshadow palette; the mighty Urban Decay Vice 4 palette.

The palette has jewel tones that are stunning to use wet or dry. The pigmentation is standard Urban Decay shadow with an added touch of finesse. Compared to the glittery shadows of Naked 2&3’s, this palette has finer milled pigmentation that really packs on the punch. The color quality is also consistent and you wouldn’t find any disappointments that prove to be one-off. Also, from a neutral palette lover’s perspective, this one’s the most wearable off the Vice Palettes and I did gravitate towards it because you can ease into wearing brights on your lids.

With that said, it does come with one slight problem: FALLOUT! You heard me, just like the other palettes, this one also has a lot of fallout in glitter specifically. I’d reckon to always work with your eyes first and then go into complexion. However, if that isn’t something you’d like to do, you could use the sticky side of a sticky-note and place it under the eye to get rid of any fall out.

Let me know in the comments below what do you have to say about the Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette?



Travelling alone is like marmite, you must have an acquired taste for it and not everyone quite gets the ‘hype’. While I may hate marmite, travelling alone has held a certain affinity in my heart. It’s a terrifying and terrific all at once. After taking two trips to Hong Kong and Georgia #allbymyself (Did you sing that part too?), I’ve learned a few harsh and some hilarious lessons, so here are my top ten tips to get the most of it:  Continue reading 10 TIPS ON TRAVELING SOLO



IMG_1921Some days my stubbornness really boggles me. Why, you ask? Because, I have believed in this strange quality of healing through travel… As if it’s supposed to fix the turmoil on the inside and calm down your anxieties while focussing on ‘what’s now’ and the glory of discovering. This trip was a realization that travel really isn’t all that magic. It’s as real as life gets and you’re bound to find sadness, disappointment and pain all around the world if that’s what you carry on the inside. Tbilisi feels like a long lost home. It seems familiar and foreign all at the same. The people and food seem different, but the dainty houses, the character of the canals and the cathedrals and the narrow streets with tainted walls screams a story that you’ve heard before. The city is meant for living and loving. Continue reading GEORGIA

2015 life hits and misses


When 2015 began, I set myself a goal. The goal was to travel at least three different cities in a year. 11 months and 27 days later, I succeeded in travelling two cities – Hong Kong and Istanbul. And then, last week, I booked myself a getaway to Tbilisi for New Year’s (I’m inclined to add a million exclamation points, but I shall pass). Continue reading 2015 life hits and misses