Quick DIY for brunette hair

I go through a love-hate relationship with my hair. It used to be thick and luscious, but as soon as I ombred and highlighted it, my hair strength has been deteriorating. That was a year ago, now, I’m still struggling on keeping knots and the frizz out of my hair without compromising on the texture. Unfortunately, I cannot give up dyeing my hair as I have premature greys since I was 11, which means constant damage and chemical interaction.

With so much hair trouble, a girls gotta have a plan! Believe me, I’ve tried Argan Oil products, the Macadamia range, Sulphate-free goodies and what not. But not only do these cost a ton, they also don’t provide amazing results. My hair texture is very unpredictable after every wash, and none of these have given me long-run results, except this DIY.

All you need to take is 3 Tbs. Yogurt,1, Tbs. Coffee, 2 Tsp. Castor Oil, 2 Tsp. Olive Oil, 2 Tsp. Argan Oil and 1 Tbs. Honey. This recipe is for medium length hair, feel free to double (or more) the recipe for longer hair. Also, you can change up your oils as you please – I switch between the almond oil, coconut oil, olive oil, argan oil and castor oil *Phew*. Or, do what I do, I use a different concoction of three oils each time I use this (thrice a week is a good place to start as I wash my hair that many times a week). I’d say if you have lighter hair skip the coffee, it’s just coffee is a great way to add vibrancy to brunette hair so why not mix it with your conditioner?

Apply this to dry hair and if you are having a pamper night, add a face mask in the mix and relax. Keep it on for 30-40 minutes and shampoo well. No need to condition as your hair will already be very soft, finish off with argan oil on wet hair and style as usual. The result should be frizz-free, soft tresses.

I hope you try this and enjoy the results, would love to know what are your DIY faves.

Winter beauty secrets – Part 1

Diy winter skincare
A recurring question every woman has is how often she must edit her skincare items and the answer is at least every 6 months. As seasons change, so does skin texture and how it adapts in the whether. While summer is a season most women with oily women detest, winter is quite the opposite. In winter, most skin-types tend to be leaning or altering on the dryer side and this requires a few simple DIY upgrades to your beauty regime.  This instalment of this series is based on at-home remedies and what you can do if you are on a budget, but watch out for the next one on beauty must haves product wise. Continue reading Winter beauty secrets – Part 1