BLOGMAS 12: That ‘Christmas’ blush

When it comes to doing makeup for Christmas day or a Christmas party, most of us play up our eyes or fall prey to that deadly bold lip. But even the ultimate superhero needs its side-kick for full impact, wouldn’t you agree? So here it goes, this is my edit to match your blush to a smoky eye, a bold lip or radiant skin. Continue reading BLOGMAS 12: That ‘Christmas’ blush


BLOGMAS 9: Party Season Hair Makeover

If you’ve read my blog, you must have noticed that I’ve barely done any posts on ‘hair’ here. Why? Because, I do not consider myself an expert in this topic, but something has changed this month and after much digging around (by that I mean watch tons of YouTube videos), I’ve found favourites that I’m keeping with me for a lifetime (No, seriously!).

The thing with my hair is, it’s difficult to style. My naturally wavy texture doesn’t always compromise and I end up looking more ‘untidy’ than ‘bed-head’ (think Monica from F.R.I.E.N.D.S on her Barbados getaway). Want to find out how I’ve finally managed to tame this situation? Well then, read on…  Continue reading BLOGMAS 9: Party Season Hair Makeover

BLOGMAS 6 – Navy Smoky Eye

When I first got Marc Jacobs The Vamp Palette I was quite excited but it didn’t live up to it’s price or it’s competitors color pay-off and quality (Think UD Naked Palettes and Lorac Pro Palettes). Almost a year after my first review (read here), I wanted to re-discover this palette and put it to good use, and I must say, I am finally a happy customer.  Continue reading BLOGMAS 6 – Navy Smoky Eye

BLOGMAS 1 – Woah, Nelly, what a scent!


I’ve recently fallen in love; with a perfume, it’s quite exclusive and we’re having a great time together, smelling rather fabulous. So in my first installment of BLOGMAS, I would like for you to be introduced to Diptyque La Collection 34, which I have reviewed in-depth during their launch in Dubai, but here I am, whiffing down memory lane, all over again. Do you see what I did there? Continue reading BLOGMAS 1 – Woah, Nelly, what a scent!

Festive Series: Taylor Swift Blankspace Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Hi Everyone!

Yes, I’ve been gone a while on my blog for which you have my sincerest apologies. Inspiration has been hard to find and life’s been stuck in a very unhealthy work rut. But this week, inspiration hit me with the new Taylor Swift video for ‘Blankspace’ which in my opinion, is a tad bit over the top and somewhat genius! Her look is classic and so so perfect for the coming month of parties, so let’s begin, shall we?

Last week Clarins ME sent me their products to try from the new ‘Ladylike’ collection which is heavily used in this tutorial as I put them into test, so hold up for mini tutorials along the way. The products are in the image below and here are the steps: Continue reading Festive Series: Taylor Swift Blankspace Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Christmas Day MakeUp Essentials

My Illamasqua Paranormal Pallete is a great festive treat! With pink, green, orange and purple cream to powder texture, these are lovely bases as well as standalone eyeshadows. However, be careful how you wear colorful eyeshadows, they can be quite unflattering. Always use a black eyeliner; smudged or flicked, either will do the job.
My Naked Basics’s palette is an everyday staple. The colors in these are great for defining your crease or highlighting the inner part of your eye. Also, I use the color faint to define my eyebrows. Therefore, it is always a staple for the holidays.
Estee Lauder’s Pure Color Cello Shots Cheek Rushes in X-Pose Rose is Christmas on your cheeks. The color is gorgeous hue of plum and maroon and very flattering for light to medium skin tones. Use sparingly or it could be quite bright on pale skin.
YSL’s Glossy Stain in 13 Rose Tempura is an absolute delight. I will be doing an in-depth review in Jan, but this stuff stays on forever. It has an amazing staying power and is quite glossy throughout the day, irrespective of whether you eat or drink. A big thumbs up to YSL on making another to-die-for lip formulas.
Christmas needs a bit of gold. I haven’t thought my look through yet, but if you have seen my previous makeup tutorial, you would know how much I love this gold eyeshadow. I will definitely be using this to create some really intense festive eye look.

Christmas is 3 days away and if you haven’t decided what makeup you want to wear, here are my two looks

However, if you are looking to get creative and make your own looks, I suggest you play by these products, as they are tried and tested amazing. I am sure y’all have your favourite bases to pair this on top of, but when in doubt go for a full proof foundation!

Have great holidays!

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