Holly Jolly Christmas {Photo Diary}


BLOGMAS 23: All I want for Christmas is THIS

When I found this package waiting for me after a LOOOOONNNGGG days work, it made my week. The Indulge Rose Organic Spa Collection by Neal’s Yard Remedies is a pamper must-have this season. This package consists of the Wild Rose Beauty Balm (The cult classic), Rose & Pomegranate Bath Oil, Rose Body Butter and a flannel. All of them deliver on the ultimate spa-like experience and give your skin that extra indulgence that it needs. Read on, I have more to say… Continue reading BLOGMAS 23: All I want for Christmas is THIS

BLOGMAS 17: It’s a ‘cheeky’ winter

blog10I’m going to get real here. I love the cold, I love pretending I’m in London balling with snow while really I’m in Dubai and if I try to ball the sand here and throw it at someone, it would backfire, BIGTIME! Therefore, I resort to other ways of pretending I live in the North Pole, for example having those winter flushed cheeks. So here’s my secret, I’m letting you in.  Continue reading BLOGMAS 17: It’s a ‘cheeky’ winter

BLOGMAS 14: The Kardashian ‘Inspired’ Tutorial

2014 was the year of Kardashians (and the Jenners). Me writing this is going to please a very dear friend of mine, so I’m going to go with it. It has been the year of contour, the year of bold brows, the year of bronze smoky eyes and the year of pouty 90’s lips. When you combine the best of all Kardashians and tone it down for a holiday dinner, this is what you get.

This look is so out of my comfort zone just because layering so makeup is never my thing and it does end up being a cake fest at first, but hang in there. Once the natural oils of your face blend with the products you look legit flawless. See for yourself. Continue reading BLOGMAS 14: The Kardashian ‘Inspired’ Tutorial

BLOGMAS 12: That ‘Christmas’ blush

When it comes to doing makeup for Christmas day or a Christmas party, most of us play up our eyes or fall prey to that deadly bold lip. But even the ultimate superhero needs its side-kick for full impact, wouldn’t you agree? So here it goes, this is my edit to match your blush to a smoky eye, a bold lip or radiant skin. Continue reading BLOGMAS 12: That ‘Christmas’ blush

BLOGMAS 11: Best of JO MALONE edit

When the trees are lit and baubles hanging, there is one thing that I need the most – A gorgeous scent to bring me in the festive spirit! No one does it like Jo Malone in that department and I’m in love with their newest offering. So let’s get talking.

DSCF9584 Continue reading BLOGMAS 11: Best of JO MALONE edit

BLOGMAS 10 – The Sweater Weather Tag


It’s getting so cold here in Dubai and I was craving to do a tag that describes my faves for the season. I’ll be doing a Christmas Tag towards the end of Blogmas, until then, ENJOY my sweater weather tag.  Continue reading BLOGMAS 10 – The Sweater Weather Tag

BLOGMAS 9: Party Season Hair Makeover

If you’ve read my blog, you must have noticed that I’ve barely done any posts on ‘hair’ here. Why? Because, I do not consider myself an expert in this topic, but something has changed this month and after much digging around (by that I mean watch tons of YouTube videos), I’ve found favourites that I’m keeping with me for a lifetime (No, seriously!).

The thing with my hair is, it’s difficult to style. My naturally wavy texture doesn’t always compromise and I end up looking more ‘untidy’ than ‘bed-head’ (think Monica from F.R.I.E.N.D.S on her Barbados getaway). Want to find out how I’ve finally managed to tame this situation? Well then, read on…  Continue reading BLOGMAS 9: Party Season Hair Makeover

BLOGMAS 6 – Navy Smoky Eye

When I first got Marc Jacobs The Vamp Palette I was quite excited but it didn’t live up to it’s price or it’s competitors color pay-off and quality (Think UD Naked Palettes and Lorac Pro Palettes). Almost a year after my first review (read here), I wanted to re-discover this palette and put it to good use, and I must say, I am finally a happy customer.  Continue reading BLOGMAS 6 – Navy Smoky Eye

BLOGMAS 5: It’s about being comfortable in your own skin

When the festive season arrives, I’m unusually excited but truth be told, I dread all the dressing up and the feeling ‘not good enough’ especially during fancier gatherings. I don’t know about you, but the pressure is so on in the month of December. So today I don’t want to give you fancy tips and tricks on beauty, makeup, etc, I want to give a few tips to make you see the best in yourself especially when you’re feeling smothered by all this pressure of looking and feeling perfect.  Continue reading BLOGMAS 5: It’s about being comfortable in your own skin