What I told myself about ‘Quarter Life Crisis’


‘What am I doing with my life?’ is a question you ask and avoid relentlessly.

If you’re 25, give or take, I’m sure your plate’s starting to feel too small for all the questions, all the choices and all the decisions that you’re about to make. Every day you’re farther away from the person you were at 17, dreaming of a certain life, a certain goal and a certain magic. What once seemed a stepping stone for becoming closer to the person you’ve always dreamt to be, is now becoming a train you’re running too late to catch. I’d argue that age is just a number, that there’s still time and this isn’t a race, but that would go against every cell in my body that’s making me feel just that. Continue reading What I told myself about ‘Quarter Life Crisis’

Review Burberry Cult Faves

Get your ‘Ooh’s’ and ‘Aah’s’ on, it’s time to talk Burberry Cult Faves!

I had recently done a review on my new family recruits from their eloquent range, but I still owed you my all time loves from this brand. Here’s my take on Burberry. Continue reading Review Burberry Cult Faves

Chanel Dimitri and Adrienne Lipstick


There is nothing more alluring than a Chanel Lipstick. Exuding sheer payoff and eloquent packaging, it really is the queen of elegant makeup. Spring is almost here and I’m bringing in some old favorites from 2015. These have been an irrevocable part of my collection and I’m still not done with them!

The formulation of these rouge coco lipstick is sheer and nourishing. It glides on smoothly and doesn’t emphasize texture. The color payoff is sheer and quite lovely, even when the color wears off, it reminisces a supple balmy texture that doesn’t leave lips patchy. Win win, eh? There’s more, these particular releases were inspired from Coco Chanel’s closest folks and there’s something so poetic about that. Dimitri and Adrienne are both names of people Chanel loved and adored. Part of Chanel’s legacy is really quite about the woman herself and her interactions with her peers and her lovers. So excuse me while I stay madly in love with these two.



DSCF9583Food has this quality of belongingness. It has a past, it has an identity and above all it has a story. This recipe has a personal resonance with my past, with my dear grandma and it doesn’t get more special than this. She was the queen of cooking in my family, unfortunately, I haven’t ever experienced this first hand, but her skills were passed on to my mom and her sisters and by some kind miracle, some of that aesthetic came in my cooking too. This was my first attempt at making this cult Sindhi Household recipe and I’m pretty pleased with the results. Continue reading Recipe

Makeup Geek Duo Chrome Eyeshadow Review


Makeup Geek Duo Chrome shadows are expectedly stunning.

I do not say this lightly, but Makeup Geek Shadows are my all time favorites over M.A.C and Lorac Pro *Gasp*. The pigmentation is oh-s0-sweet and the texture is like butter.

Objectively, Makeup Geek Duo Chrome shadows aren’t ones I use everyday because I’m a hard-core neutrals girl, but without a doubt, they add the necessary impact when you need them to. The hues are dead on and have very interesting shifts and undertones. Let’s go shade by shade with this one as it’s truly worthy.  Continue reading Makeup Geek Duo Chrome Eyeshadow Review



“She’s disheveled, bits and pieces of her are missing, she’s been hurt and she’s made some mistakes. She is a child on certain days, and others, she’s pulling through relentlessly like a grown-up. They expect her to smile through her pain, anticipate less and love unconditionally, they want to judge what she wears, who she meets, who she chooses to love. They all have an opinion on her freedom, her choices, her love and her life. Her gender comes at a price and countless expectations; she births, she gives, she works and she does it all under labels that try to bring her down. Continue reading STYLE HAS NO SIZE

Its been 8 years…


There are a lot of things I do not like about this month. It signifies so much and surprises so little. But most importantly, today’s the day 8 years ago; I was first inclined towards self-harm. Continue reading Its been 8 years…

Thoughts on Self-Harm Awareness Day


It’s that time of the year again… Where I talk about self-harm and pray that I can change the way people look at depression, anorexia, bulimia, bi-polar disorder, anything and everything that ‘normal’ people use to classify the rest of us. Today will be different, I won’t talk about my experience, my repulsion towards the ignorance of the whole situation or what I think we can do to change that, I’m just going to tell you a story and if you’re interest is peaked, read on. Continue reading Thoughts on Self-Harm Awareness Day

BLOGMAS 17: It’s a ‘cheeky’ winter

blog10I’m going to get real here. I love the cold, I love pretending I’m in London balling with snow while really I’m in Dubai and if I try to ball the sand here and throw it at someone, it would backfire, BIGTIME! Therefore, I resort to other ways of pretending I live in the North Pole, for example having those winter flushed cheeks. So here’s my secret, I’m letting you in.  Continue reading BLOGMAS 17: It’s a ‘cheeky’ winter

Quick DIY for brunette hair

I go through a love-hate relationship with my hair. It used to be thick and luscious, but as soon as I ombred and highlighted it, my hair strength has been deteriorating. That was a year ago, now, I’m still struggling on keeping knots and the frizz out of my hair without compromising on the texture. Unfortunately, I cannot give up dyeing my hair as I have premature greys since I was 11, which means constant damage and chemical interaction.

With so much hair trouble, a girls gotta have a plan! Believe me, I’ve tried Argan Oil products, the Macadamia range, Sulphate-free goodies and what not. But not only do these cost a ton, they also don’t provide amazing results. My hair texture is very unpredictable after every wash, and none of these have given me long-run results, except this DIY.

All you need to take is 3 Tbs. Yogurt,1, Tbs. Coffee, 2 Tsp. Castor Oil, 2 Tsp. Olive Oil, 2 Tsp. Argan Oil and 1 Tbs. Honey. This recipe is for medium length hair, feel free to double (or more) the recipe for longer hair. Also, you can change up your oils as you please – I switch between the almond oil, coconut oil, olive oil, argan oil and castor oil *Phew*. Or, do what I do, I use a different concoction of three oils each time I use this (thrice a week is a good place to start as I wash my hair that many times a week). I’d say if you have lighter hair skip the coffee, it’s just coffee is a great way to add vibrancy to brunette hair so why not mix it with your conditioner?

Apply this to dry hair and if you are having a pamper night, add a face mask in the mix and relax. Keep it on for 30-40 minutes and shampoo well. No need to condition as your hair will already be very soft, finish off with argan oil on wet hair and style as usual. The result should be frizz-free, soft tresses.

I hope you try this and enjoy the results, would love to know what are your DIY faves.