I am that girl.

When I watched this, it moved me. For many days now, I’ve been trying to draft this post but neither did I have the guts or the words. But it’s true, being a size 20 myself and a self-harm addict, this is the hardest thing to hear. As every emotion is extremely relatable. This post is targeted to the big or small, to black or white, to every one, to anyone. Know you are worth it…:)

I am a recovering self-harmer, I am not 100 % there, but soon :). I want this blog to become a support community and if you know someone who is going through this then please read this, watch the video and realise what you mean to people. Here are three ways to find strength when you think you’ll step out of line on yourself.

1. When you think it’s the toughest day, take some time off. I’ve felt the need to end everything and just escape, and if you are anything like me, just remember it does get better. Give yourself some more time, consider working on things that consume you (not make you happy, as it takes a while to get there). Be busy and be focussed on your career, friends, family anything that is a ray of hope amidst all the harsh realities.

2. Do not depend on others, as they’re bound to disappoint, it’s only natural. Believe me, I’ve been that girl who depended on my closest friends to make me feel better and eventually they got exhausted of it. Do not put all your eggs in one basket, keep yourself open to experiences and having new people in your life. If you hurt yourself, it’s likely you give a lot to people who show the slightest interest in your life. Remember you’re the only one who should define what makes you happy or sad, don’t give anyone else the right to hurt you.

3. For all those who say “I’m not strong enough”, YOU ARE. The hardest part of a hurtful situation is walking away, but once you do that and do not feel responsible, you’ll feel the lightness. Whatever bothers you; your looks, your friends; your family; your work, etc, once you just let loose and stop feeling that heaviness in your chest, chances are it gets better…

And if you need anything or just want to talk, please comment below. I want to personally know all your stories. Which is why, I have my email linked on this post : heenamak@gmail.com

P.S. I trying to bring spotlight to the issue of self harm. If you have negative views about this issue please do not share them here. Much appreciated.