That one time I went to Ireland…

Memory is a beautiful thing in life, more often than not, we hold the important ones close; sometimes by choice, and others, not so much. When I look back and think to the very first one I remember, I’m back in my aunt’s home, all cozy and sipping on the sugariest cold coffee, hearing stories about my long-gone grandma. I can still envision the details, the room was lit in this green hue of a night lamp, my aunt sitting on the floor, my mom and I on the bed, listening intently as she passionately talks about stories from her childhood. From the corner of my eye, I see my mom reminiscing her past, holding my hand tightly as she thinks back to their best days.

If you ask me right this second, I’d happily trade places for that moment. It had a familiar sweetness and acceptance that made me feel like I belonged, like I was home.

And if you haven’t been keeping up with my quarter life crisis, then you could read some of my posts from before that tell you how I feel like a nomad in a city I’ve lived for 16 years.  Ironically, for a week, I found that feeling again, right in the middle of Dublin, with not a single familiar soul to soothe my anxieties, yet I felt right at home. Not the kind of home that you can just sleep at night, not the kind of home that is eternally broken; but the kind where I felt my insecurities disappear, my anxieties become passive and my heart felt something it hasn’t in a while…it felt at peace.

Whether I walked alone, late at night on the streets; or up early to relish in a moment overlooking the canal; whether I sipped on a fancy shot of whiskey or mixed some in with my morning coffee, every moment felt like my own. Every memory was mine and mine alone; no one to change how I wanted to live it, no one to tell me when to come home, no one to judge me when I went to the theatre, or when I sat by myself at restaurants enjoying the view. I’m sure to a layman that sounds despariningly lonely, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned in 2017 is to be okay with just that.

So okay I was; lost in the city’s perfect sights, charming people and its nosy-culture, by some regard I felt like the Galway girl. Living life one night at a time, singing (badly) at Grafton Street alongside an impeccable street performer, walking into history in Belfast, letting foreign friends share with me their fascinating histories and sharing some of mine; oooh, last but not least waking up to strangers in a cramped hostel room and finding yourself playing cards with them 5 hours later. Everything was unexpected; the people, the city and above all, ME.

As I write this, I’m torn between reminiscing that version of myself and accepting that it was short-lived or holding on tightly enough to save its remains. It haunts me that I would climb any mountain, cross any ocean; just to relive this memory, and there are very few, that would make me want to do that. Meanwhile, I have found comfort in writing stories of my past and remembering them in extensive detail. It’s the only way to preserve the magic when the going gets tough, or when I find myself lose touch with the reality; it’s all right here, etched forever, here and in my heart. 

The DO-IT ALL Mascara Edit

1I have a confession…

I’m a mascara hoarder and things are getting worse…

Okay, after that very dramatic intro, let’s get straight to it – I like my mascara’s to fake it big time, have loads of volume, a slight curl and clump and lots of length. With that many boxes to tick and short and straight lashes to deal with, these favorites are long tested and truly loved. Let’s get to it, shall we?

Clinique Impact Mascara: With this formula, think thick. The product is amazing and does give you long lasting curled, voluminous lashes, however, it takes some working. The wand takes too much product and accumulates between the bristles because of its consistency and thus I have to struggle to make it work. With that said, the formula deserves to be applauded.

Rating – 7/10

Lancome Hypnose Star Mascara: This one comes with a Christmas tale. I was gifted this by one of my friends two Christmas’s ago. My mascara preferences were different back then and this mascara reached the Bermuda Triangle of my makeup organization. However, I tried it once again and this time, it was love at first swipe. The wand is Triangular, tapered sharply in the beginning, which gives the lashes a fluttery, butterfly like look. So far, I have re-purchased this twice already!

Rating – 9/10

Maybelline the Falsies: Ahh, this one is a drugstore favorite and doesn’t bend your pocket backwards while purchasing it. Actually, to me this has been a dupe for benefit They’re Real mascara which is a dryer formula and comes with an exceptional wand. It is also very good, however, I have run out of it. Anyways, The Falsies mascara is a wetter formula that comes with a soft bristled – dense brush. It creates volume, curl and a lot of length.

Rating – 8/10

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara: A new addition to my makeup stash, this mascara is one of those more natural, yet voluminous formulas. So if you’re in-between natural to full-on lash look, this one’s for you! Bonus – It comes with a lash primer called Subversion that conditions the lashes and ads faux volume. The formula is fairly dry and long-lasting that holds a curl very well. I’ve been really enjoying it for daily use.

Rating – 8/10

YSL Shocking Mascara: One word to describe this one – OMG! This is a true faux-lash effect mascara that never disappoints. It’s a formula that stays exactly the same as your first buy it – a little tacky and a little wet, which is why it layers very well to give full-on body to short, stiff lashes. The wand is also quite similar in feel to Maybelline the falsies.

Rating – 10/10

GQ Bar Dubai Review

DSCF5662Love a classy evening? Well you’ve come to the right place (and page).

Walking into GQ is quite an interesting experience. The place has some classy masculinity about it that exudes through their décor, their composure and of course, their staff (which is lovely btw).

Let me give you a lowdown of everything that we ordered:


  • Lobster Salad paired with red cabbage and apple


  • Chicken breast with mushroom purée roasted fingerling potatoes and sautéed Brussels sprouts
  • Gnocchi with roasted baby carrots, ricotta and sage butter


  • White chocolate cheesecake with fresh raspberries
  • 70% Valrhona chocolate fondant with vanilla bean ice cream


  • Pinot Grigio with appetisers
  • GQ Espresso Martini
  • Woody Allen

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21 Facts About Me

I’m a 21-year-old klutz with an extremely sensitive approach towards life and people. If you have read my blog for a while, you would know, I am a bit of everything and all over the place. Here are 21 facts about me that you didn’t know.

With this article, it was only fair to give you my go-to pose for the last 21 years... #ThrowbackThursday
With this article, it was only fair to give you my go-to pose for the last 21 years… #ThrowbackThursday
  1. My life revolves around a few people and I like it that way. I don’t make friends easily.
  2. I like fulfilling expectations of others in my life. If you have given me the slightest bit, chances are you might get a Jo Malone for Christmas. I like spending – not just for myself but also for everyone I know closely.
  3. Seeing a baby smile makes my day no matter how hard my day has been.
  4. I’m the youngest sibling in my extend family. Not pampered, but young nevertheless.
  5. Others think I am very stubborn and always get what I want. They usually forget the part when I am busting my ass getting it.
  6. I love my job. Social Media is exciting and has taught me so much about self-expression and having an online identity that is mine alone. I take my job very personally and it upsets or makes my day easily.
  7. When I was younger I had an obsession with barbies and playing tennis. As you can see, both of these are long gone.
  8. I can cry anywhere and everywhere if something has really bothered me. Funnily, in some serious situations, I find it impossible to feel anything.
  9. When I’m not in the mood, I won’t make the slightest attempt at dressing up.  No-make up, un-done hair and non-stylish clothes never bother me.
  10. I’m spiritual and not religious.
  11. I used be in love with someone for 3 years, knowing he would not feel the same way. Others called me stupid; I knew if I had not exhausted myself of the situation, I would always come back for more. In 2013, I’ve moved on
  12. Black and white are my favourite colours (or non-colours).
  13. I love learning new things.
  14. I don’t think I’m pretty, but I’m okay with it.
  15. I would love to lose weight, but I know, there is a time for everything.
  16. From the age of 13-20, I suffered from hurting myself. 2013 showed me how to be content with myself. Also, I’m not ashamed of it.
  17. I don’t mind bearing my soul (and my stupidity) to a complete stranger. I hate the idea of ‘fake it till you make it”.
  18. The closest person in my life is my friend Abeer. I wish I had met her earlier ❤
  19. I must try everything before giving up
  20. I have trust issues.
  21.  want to adopt a baby. Not because I can’t conceive or hate the idea of giving birth, but just knowing I can do this for someone will mean the world to me. Also, refer point no. 4.


Winter beauty secrets – Part 1

Diy winter skincare
A recurring question every woman has is how often she must edit her skincare items and the answer is at least every 6 months. As seasons change, so does skin texture and how it adapts in the whether. While summer is a season most women with oily women detest, winter is quite the opposite. In winter, most skin-types tend to be leaning or altering on the dryer side and this requires a few simple DIY upgrades to your beauty regime.  This instalment of this series is based on at-home remedies and what you can do if you are on a budget, but watch out for the next one on beauty must haves product wise. Continue reading Winter beauty secrets – Part 1

Life lesson 1


Love is harder when you are holding on for two. They say the toughest battle of love is making it last. However, for most of us, the toughest battle of love is making it happen…